How to Stream Bbnaija Online on Android

Do you know you can stream Bbnaija online on your phone, PC, and even on your home gadgets? Well, we’ll guide you through various approaches you can follow to watch Bbnaija 2020 online.

Before now, there are various means to stream Big Brother Naija show online but the recent DSTv rules have ruled out some of the approaches.

All hopes are not lost. You can still follow your favourite housemate, vote for your best performing upcoming winner, and stream on your Android phone.

Before with apps like Live Net TV and Mobdro, you can stream Bbnaija live on your Android smartphone and iPhone. But this, to stream big brother Naija on your phone you have to do more.

And in other not to endanger your online activities for streaming the 2020 Big brothers Nigeria, we have come with a handy means to watch the show as it’s ongoing.

Facebook Live Stream

Bbnaija live stream

In 2018 it was very easy to stream BBnaija online and see the show live through the Facebook live streaming. However, this year is different.

The broadcasting service, DStv and GoTv have placed an embargo and you are not allowed to stream Bbnaija on the Facebook live stream.

Do not worry, there is still a way out. But, not on Facebook as it used to be in 2018. We’ll teach you how to watch Bbnaija on Android phone online without violating the rules of the broadcasting station.

Instagram Live Streaming

Instagram live streaming

We are all going to miss this service in this 2020 Bbnaija program as we will not be able to live stream the show on Instagram. So, streaming Bbnaija on Instagram this season it’s highly prohibited.

Do not be wary though, there is an app to watch Bbanija on your smartphone. Just keep reading, you will see that there are a lot of ways and means to watch Bbnaija show on your Android phone.

YouTube Live Streaming

Stream Bbnaija online 2019

You can watch Bbnaija live on YouTube but this has also been blocked so there is no way you can stream Bbnaija on YouTube again. DStv does not allow streaming Bbnaija 2020 on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The way you watch football live on YouTube you can also watch Bbnaija live on YouTube. Some people did this in 2019 and they were able to watch live Bbnaija online without a subscription.

Twitter Live Streaming

How to watch Bbnaija online

Twitter is also not left out in the live streaming service. With this Twitter live streaming service, you can join other Bbnaija fans to stream the service online on Twitter.

All you need to do to start streaming Bbnaija is to know the time the program starts each day and follow the live show on the Twitter streaming service where millions of people are also enjoying the service.

However, you cannot stream live the 2020 Bbnaija on Twitter as DStv is strictly against this. The implication is that your account might be disabled for forcing yourself to stream Bbnaija on Twitter.

Stream Bbnaija Online 2020

If you really want to stream the Bbnaija show on your Android phone you can follow either of the approaches below. These approaches are tested and trusted approach to stream Bbnaija with apps on your smartphone.

Stream Bbnaija Online on DStv mobile App

Stream Big brother naija

You first need to make sure you have a subscription on your DStv cable to be able to stream all DStv service on the DStv mobile app.

After you download the DStv mobile app you can watch the Bbnaija live as it starts and also downloads it for later watch or after the live program has ended.

With DStv mobile app you can watch all TV shows on your mobile launching the app. However, some information is required to link your mobile DStv app and TV cable subscription together.

Once you logged into your DStv paid account on your mobile navigate to the DStv channel broadcasting Bbnaija and start streaming live.

Stream Bbnaija Online on GoTv mobile App

GoTv mobile app

The GoTV mobile app is another way to stream Bbnaija 2020 online on your Android phone for free. With the mobile app and a valid subscription on your GoTv cable, you can watch Bbnaija on your phone and also download it for later watch.

You don’t have to stress yourself sitting in front of your TV to watch Bbnaija with the GoTv mobile app on your Android.

Once you log into your GoTv account using your username and password or IUC number you are good to go and you can start to streaming all GoTv services on your mobile app including channel that is showing Bbnaija.

Stream Bbnaija using a 3rd-party app

Another approach to start streaming the ongoing Bbnaija on your phone is using a 3rd-party app called Bbnaija app.

1. Download and install the Bbnaija app from the play store. You can also download it from an APK site or use an APk app to download it.

2. Launch the Bbnaij streaming app and click on  Live Video Streaming 1 to start streaming for free.

You can use this app for free to watch all the Bbnaija episode 4 for free on your Android phone. Now, you can follow your 2020 Bbnaija housemate on your Android after the reunion.

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