How to Install WhatsApp new Version

WhatsApp roll out new version almost every week to fix bugs and to introduce more features to the app. Over time, Facebook, the parent company of the WhatsApp app has rolled a lot of features to make sure the app stays relevant and almost in sequence.

However, these features are not installed automatically on users phone, except users choose WhatsApp automatic update via their app store setting, however, users have to update their WhatsApp app to enjoy each feature whenever it’s released. This implies that to enjoy all WhatsApp features you have to install WhatsApp new version.

The mod apps like GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and the likes have pushed the official WhatsApp app to keep rolling out new features to keep the app relevant over the mod version.

Despite this, WhatsApp has since taken the action to ban all users that prefered the 3rd-party WhatsApp to the official all. Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to keep keep the app up-to-date to enjoy the full feature, this post will put you through on how to download WhatsApp update and install it on your smartphone.

Why you should Update your WhatsApp

I personally consistently update my WhatsApp app to make sure I stay relevant and be among to get the app’s latest features. However, if you are wondering why you should update WhatsApp to the latest version here are some of the reasons.

  1. Fix bugs from the previous edition
  2. Stay ahead of hackers from stealing your information due to the lopehole in the previous release
  3. Enjoy WhatsApp new features
  4. To keep the app running smoothly
  5. To avoid WhatsApp app has stopped working or the app has stopped responding

There are more reasons why you should always consider to install the new version as soon as it’s released.

How to Install WhatsApp new Version on Android

There are two ways to install WhatsApp’s latest version. You can install it manually and automatically. However, the manual approach will help you to update the WhatsApp app alone while the automatic approach will update all outdated apps on your phone.

If you are using a limited data connection I’d not advise the automatic approach as this might consume all your data.

Install WhatsApp new Version Manually

Here is how to download and install the latest WhatsApp new version on your Android phone.

Method 1

  1. Launch the Google play store app on your phone by clicking on the play store icon
  2. Click on the more option and tap on “my apps & games”Install WhatsApp new version
  3. Find the “WhatsApp app” and click on updateUpdate WhatsApp
  4. To know what is new in the new version before installing it click on the drop menuInstall WhatsApp new version
  5. The new WhatsApp will start installing.WhatsApp downloading

You can hibernate the Google play store app while you multitask your phone and the new WhatsApp app will install on your phone with the latest feature.

Method 2

WhatsApp is not like some other Android and iOS apps that send update notifications to users. However, when you go through your phone apps settings you can update WhatsApp app from there and install the new version of the app.

  1. Go to your Android phone settings
  2. Click on apps manager or applications manager or apps
  3. Find the “WhatsApp” app and click on it
  4. Click on “App Details” under the “store” optionUpdate WhatsApp from app settings
  5. Click on “update”Install WhatsApp new version

This approach tells you directly whether there is a new WhatsApp version available to install or update to. However, if you are running the latest WhatsApp app, you will be prompted to “open WhatsApp” rather than the “update WhatsApp”

Download WhatsApp from the official Site

If you want to get along with all WhatsApp update release you can subscribe to the official WhatsApp update newsletter or join the WhatsApp beta tester.

However, to download the new WhatsApp update on release from the official website follow the procedure below.

  1. Open your phone browser and visit
  2. Tap on the “Install” icon or “open in play store app” for the Android phoneWhatsApp new version
  3. Login into the Gmail account linked to your Android phoneLog into Gmail
  4. Click on the “update” icon to download and install the WhatsApp new version.Install WhatsApp new version

Join WhatsApp Beta Tester

When you join the WhatsApp beta tester you will definitely become part of the few people that got the update before the official release of the new app feature to the public.

  1. Click on this link on your PC or on your smartphone where you log into your primary Gmail account you linked to the Google play store.
  2. Click on the “Become a Tester” blue icon WhatsApp beta tester
  3. As soon as your cliked on the test button you will automatically become a WhatsApp tester member.Install WhatsApp new version
  4. To verify that you have successfully become a WhatsApp beta tester go to the menu option >> apps & games >> WhatsApp >> Click on it. You will the “beta” indication added to the WhatsApp name.WhatsApp Beta

When you become WhatsApp beta tester you will be among the first set of WhatsApp users to receive WhatsApp update notification on your phone.

Which of these approaches work for you to install new WhatsApp version on your Android phone?

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