Agnes Wilson’s Net Worth, Daughter, Husband, and Bio

Agnes Wilson is best known as a Filipina-American celebrity mum of the famous American R&B singer, songwriter, and musician, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, also known as H.E.R. Very scanty information is available about Agnes since her celebrity daughter brought her into the spotlight.

Agnes is also referred to as a celebrity parent. She is the mother of the Award-winning American singer and songwriter popularly known as H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed). In 2019, H.E.R won 2 Grammy Award and was nominated for another 5 Grammys in 2020 for song of the year and album of the year titled Hard Place, including top category Album of the year. She also won the Grammy Award for “Better than I Imagined” in the best R&B Category song category in 2021.

Agnes Wilson is married to Kenny Wilson, an African-American descent while Agnes is of Filipina descent. They have two daughters together; Gabriella and Alex Wilson. Agnes is a Nurse by profession who primarily works with rehab patients. However, during the heat of the pandemics in 2020, she physically went to the hospital every day.

Scroll down to the end as we unravel the available details we have about this beautiful celebrity mum. Enjoy!Agnes Wilson Early life

Agnes Wilson Early Life 

Agnes Wilson, also known as Agnes Caroline Kindersley was born in the United States of America. However, there’s no information about her parents or siblings on the internet. Although, it was revealed that she relocated from the Philippines to the states for greener pastures where she met her husband, Kenny Wilson. 

Information about her Educational background is not available to the media but since she’s a nurse by profession, it is presumed that she’s well educated.

The famous singer, H.E.R always admired her mother’s work, especially her dedication as a health worker in the States. She even paid tribute to her mother being a nurse, for her relentless efforts during the pandemic in April 2020. Agnes currently works as a nurse in a rehab center in the States. 

Agnes Wilson was also in attendance at the Oscar event where her daughter, Gabi won one of the prestigious awards for the music industry.

Who is Agnes Wilson Filipino?

Agnes Wilson Filipino is an American-born Filipino woman and also the mother of Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson. Agnes’ parents were native Filipinos who relocated to the States in search of greener pasture. 

Agnes Wilson currently lives in Vallejo, California, the United States. She is the mother of two children, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson (H.E.R) and Alex Wilson. Her celebrity daughter Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, also known as H.E.R., is an American singer and songwriter.

Agnes Wilson Age

Agnes’ date of birth, age, and birthday information is unknown to the public. However, judging by her physical appearance, it’s speculated that she will be in her middle 50s. 

Agnes Wilson Height

Agnes stands at an average height complementary to her weight. Judging by her physical look, she stands at a height of about 5 feet 4 inches equivalent to 163cm or 1.63m. 

Agnes Wilson Weight

The exact figure of Agnes’ weight is unknown. However, she has a plump body shape with dark brown hair and a set of brown eyes. Agnes Wilson Career

Agnes Wilson Career

Not much is known about Agnes Wilson’s career history. However, we know that she is a certified Nurse who works in a rehabilitation center in the States. 

On the other hand, her daughter Gabi is doing well for herself in the Music Industry. She has earned several Grammy Awards to her name and was nominated for some others. 

Agnes and her husband, Kenny allowed their daughter H.E.R. to sign a contract with Sony Entertainment at the age of 14. The celebrity singer has once stated that her parents are quite supportive and they have helped her over the years become who she is today.

Gabriella once collaborated with the R&B singer, Chris Brown on the song “Come Through”.

Agnes Wilson

Agnes Wilson Net Worth

Agnes Wilson net worth is still under review. Her actual worth is unknown. Whereas, the net worth of her daughter, H.E.R., is approximately $2 million. 

As of 2022, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Net Worth is estimated to be between $2 million to $5 million. 

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Parents

Very scanty information is available as regards Gabi Wilson’s parents’ love life. However, according to reliable sources, her dad and mum came from different cultures. 

Gabi Wilson’s mother, Agnes is a native of the Philippines and works in the States, while her father, Kenny is an African-American who also works in the same country.

It is presumed that H.E.R.’s parents met in the States, and they dated for a while before walking down the aisle. Kenny met his wife, Agnes, in the States and got married.

After being married for some time, Agnes conceived and was pregnant with Gabi. The couple decided to raise their children in Vallejo, California.

According to the famous singer, she integrates and she’s always proud to showcase her true identity regarding her roots, especially the Filipino culture.

She is very close with both of her parents, and they have a great relationship with each other. She has referred to them as supportive parents. H.E.R. Parents

Agnes Wilson Husband

Agnes Wilson got married to her longtime husband, Kenny Wilson in a private wedding ceremony attended by only close friends and families. Her husband, Kenny Wilson is an African-American man who was a musician in a band called Urban Bushmen based in California.

Kenny Wilson is the father of her children, Gabriella, and Alex Wilson. He was raised in San Francisco Bay Area, California. In one of H.E.R.’s interviews, she stated that she got her talent in singing and songwriting from her father.

When her dad, Kenny was still a member of a band called Urban Bushmen, she usually visited some gigs and tried to sing with them when she was just a child.

Agnes Wilson Her Mother

Agnes Wilson, also known as Agnes Caroline Kindersley, is from the Philippines but was born in the United States of America. There is no personal information about Gabi’s mother available online.

According to the celebrity singer, she is proud of her mother’s work, especially her dedication as a health worker in the States. H.E.R. and Mother

Agnes Wilson Now

She currently works as a nurse in a rehab center. She is the proud mother of the celebrity singer and songwriter, H.E.R. She’s currently living a luxurious modest life out of the media’s spotlight.

Agnes Wilson Instagram

Interestingly, Agnes is not available on any of the social media platforms. However, her celebrity daughter, H.E.R., does have accounts on Instagram and Twitter. 

The singer has over 5 million followers on her Instagram account while she has over 555k followers on her Twitter account. 

Agnes Wilson Profile 

NameAgnes Wilson
Full Name Agnes Caroline Kindersley
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current PlaceVallejo, California, the United States
Date of BirthUnknown
Height5 feet 4 inches (163cm, 1.63m)
Net WorthUnknown
HusbandKenny Wilson
Number of Children2 (Gabriella Sarmiento and Alex Wilson)

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