Airtel Data Plan for Android, iOS, Laptop, Tablets, and Computer

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Here is the list of all Airtel data plan in 2019 for Android, iOS, Windows, Laptop, and Mac. We share Airtel current subscription code, code to check Airtel data balance, and Airtel code to buy data on Airtel network for computer laptop, desktop, tablets, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Also, Airtel code to activate Airtel Infinix bonus on 2G, 3G, and 4G network.

If you have an active Airtel data bundle, here is the code to check your Airtel balance. The Airtel data code in that article works perfectly for Airtel daily, weekly, weekend, and monthly subscription.

If you have any reason to contact Airtel customer support here are the 7 ways to contact Airtel customer care agent.

Airtel has also launched 4G in most cities in Nigeria. If you are still stuck to your Airtel 3G or you don’t want to change your Airtel number here is a guide to upgrade your Airtel 3G SIM to 4G.

Airtel Data Plan

Airtel SmartSpeedoo Data Plans for all Devices

Airtel SmartSPEEDoo is a new Airtel data plan bundle name for all devices to enjoy unlimited internet speed. Here is the list of active code for Airtel subscribers to subscribe to Airtel data bundle on all devices.

Data Allowance (MB)Data Price (Naira)Validity Period (Days)Data Plan Codes
501001 day*410#
2002003 days*412#
25 (daily)1005 days*401#
3503007 days*417#
75050014 days*418#
1500 (1.5GB)1,00030 days*496#
3500 (3.5GB)2,00030 days*437#
5000 (5GB)2,50030 days*427*1#
7000 (7GB)3,50030 days*438#
9000 (9GB)4,00030 days*438*1#
25030025 days*885*1#
3000 (3GB)1,50030 days*435#
2005257 days*440*17#
401001 day*440*18#
3000 (3GB)(BB Only)1,00030 days*431#

Airtel Mega Data Plan for All Devices

Here is the code to subscribe to Airtel mega data plan for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, desktop computer, laptop computer, tablets, iPad, iPod, iPhone, WiFi modem, and other internet enabled device.

Plan NameData Allowance (MB)Data Price (Naira)Validity Period (Days)Data Plan Codes
Mega 510,000 (10GB)5,00030*452#
Mega 816,000 (16GB)8,00030*460#
Mega 3650,000 (50GB)36,000180*406#
Mega 70100,000 (100GB)70,000365 (1 year)*407#
Mega 136200,000 (200GB)136,000365 (1 year)*408#

One thing I observed about the Airtel Mega data plan is that the data plan name is named after the digit in the Airtel data price.

The Airtel Mega data plan is recommended for huge consumption or for a company using WiFi or Router to share network.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

Here is the code to subscribe to Airtel unlimited data plans for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Laptop, Desktop computer, tablets, etc.

Unlimited Plan NameData Price (Naira)Validity Period (Days)Activation CodesUsage Guide
Unlimited 1010,00030*462*10#Airtel fairly usage for this plan starts after 40GB
Unlimited 1515,00030*462*15#This Airtel unlimited data plan is under Airtel fairly usage policy 1 and it applies after 65GB
Unlimited 2020,00030*462*20#You will be cautioned after 100GB about Airtel unlimited data usage for Airtel unlimited 20.

Share Airtel Data Plan

Airtel SmartShare lets users share data with friends and family who runs out of data. The data shared can be used on all devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop, desktop, Windows, and Mac.

The Airtel data SmartShare works in two ways.

Share Airtel Data with Code

Here is how to share data on Airtel using Airtel USSD code.

Dial *141# on your phone dialer and select “5″ from the option that says ” gift or share data”. Now, a new option will appear, select the sharing option if you have created your Airtel data sharing PIN or create another one.

Airtel Me 2 U Data Transfer

Airtel Me2U allows you to share your Airtel data bundle you have already bought using any of the Airtel data code above. However, this Airtel data sharing plan doesn’t support multiple users.

You can only have 1 Me2U customer on your transfer list. Once you added the Me2U customer, the data shared will be available in the customer’s wallet.

Airtel Data Gifting

Airtel gifting is simply buying Airtel data from “Airtel Data Bundle Seller” for a lesser price compared to the default Airtel data plan price. This data gifting validity period is often longer than the normal Airtel bundle validity period.

For Airtel data gifting you need to contact a seller and order for your data bundle at a discounted price.

Airtel SmartTrybe Night Data Plan

If you need a cheap Airtel night plan to use, the Airtel SmartTrybe night plan is the cheapest. AirtelTrybe plan is a plan for Nigerians to enjoy smart and smooth internet browsing and cheap call rate.

To opt-in for this Airtel plan dial this Airtel USSD code on your phone dialer.

Dial *312# on your phone dialer to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe plan and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Free 15MB weekly
  • Get 500MB for N25 valid between 12.00am – 5.00am
  • 1GB for N500 valid for 7days
  • 30% data bonus on Airtel N500 data bundle

Check Airtel Data Balance

Irrespective of the Airtel data plan you subscribed to for Android, iOS, iPod, iPhone, laptop, computer, WiFi, Modem, 2G, 3G, and 4G device, the following Airtel codes are to check Airtel data balance.

  1. 123# – check Airtel mobile balance
  2. *123*10# – check Airtel internet balance
  3. *123*7# – check Airtel SMS balance
  4. *123*11# – check Airtel 3g data balance
  5. *123*10# – check Airtel 2g data balance
  6. *121*8# – check Airtel 4g data balance
  7. *123*197# – check Airtel Night Data balance
  8. *121*1# – check Airtel Minutes Balance
  9. *123*6# – check Airtel Night Minutes Balance
  10. *282# – check your own Airtel Number
  11. *888# – check missed calls and notifications
  12. *566# – check special offer

Check Airtel Data Balance Expiry Date

If you want to know exactly when your Airtel data expires dial *140# on your phone dialer and Airtel will send an SMS to your phone containing your data bundle expiry date.

Airtel Subscription code for 200 Naira

You get 100MB for Airtel subscription for 200 Naira using Airtel USSD code  *412#. The validity is just 3 days. You can do the Airtel roll over if you haven’t exhausted your Airtel data bundle.

Airtel Subscription code for 300 Naira

Airtel 300 Naira data bundle last for 7 days with 80MB after your subscription is successful using the Airtel USSD code *417#. 

Airtel Data Plan for Blackberry

If you are using a Blackberry phone, you can subscribe to Airtel data plan for Blackberry valid for 30 days for 1,000 Naira dialing the USSD code *431# for 1GB.

Airtel Free Surf for Smartphone

With the Airtel free surf, you get 160MB at no cost for 30 days validity period using the USSD code *400#. It works on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Laptop, desktop.

Airtel WhatsApp Data Plan

Airtel WhatsApp data bundle lasts for a whole month for 100 Naira and you will be able to use WhatsApp messenger for good 30 days. To subscribe to this Airtel WhatsApp data plan recharge your phone with N100 airtime and dial *948#.

Airtel will deduct the money from your account and you will be able to use WhatsApp for a whole month.

Note: Airtel data fairly usage apply.

Check Airtel WhatsApp Data Plan

You can exhaust your Airtel data plan for WhatsApp within 30 days if you set your WhatsApp to download attachment and videos automatically.

Therefore, you need to check your Airtel WhatsApp data plan consistently so that you won’t run out of data unknowingly.

To check your Airtel WhatsApp data plan dial  *123*8#. Airtel will send the expiry date and your leftover data bundle.

Airtel Free Data

Apart from Airtel 160MB free data, you can get as high as 1GB Airtel free data. To activate the Airtel free data bundle dial *475# twice to subscribe for 0.00kb.

Note that you can only use this free data only on the weekend. Mostly on Saturday before 00.00am on Sunday.

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