How to Install Exodus on Kodi Media Player

Exodus Kodi is a Kodi add-on you should install on Kodi own media player. The third-party Kodi add-on, Exodus Kodi makes it easy to stream movies on Kodi-owned media player. The way you can install Exodus add-on on Apple TV, Smart TV, Samsung TV, Firestick you can also follow a different procedure to install Exodus Kodi on your Kodi media player.

So, as a Kodi media player owner, this post about install Exodus Kodi, will guide you on how to install the Kodi repo “third-party” add-on on your Kodi media player.

When you install Exodus on Kodi, the open-source media player, gives an unbeatable experience to watch videos and TV shows on Kodi. As open source, one can easily install Add-ons to better the use of Kodi media player. And one of these popular add-ons you should install is the Exodus Kodi add-on.

Although, it is easy to install Exodus Add-on on Kodi. This is seen as an illegal. It’s illegal installing a third-party Add-ons on Kodi from an unknown repository. To bypass this threat when you want to install Add-ons on Kodi, it is highly advisable to use a VPN that does not monitor your logs and activities online.

However, here in this article, you will learn simple ways to install Exodus Add-on on Kodi player in different ways.

You Need VPN to Install Exodus Kodi Add-on

It doesn’t cost anytime to install Add-ons on Kodi without a VPN but it cost your privacy if you can afford that. However, if you have spent a whole lot of time watching Kodi videos and TV shows, you ‘d have noticed the copyright infringement notices displaying. This means that Kodi could sue you for access their contents unlawful.

Therefore, the only way to save yourself from Kodi from tracking your location when you install Add-ons is with the help of a VPN.

Meanwhile, they’re a lot of VPN service providers you can use. In my cases, I often prefer to use ExpressVPN. You can check my 30 experience with ExpressVPN to decided whether to go with it.

You can also use other VPN if you have. VPN like Nord VPN, PureVPN, and others are good VPN you can use when installing Exodus Kodi.

Warning: Before You Install Exodus Kodi

Although Kodi media player is an open source package. This means that the entire public can have access to some part of the device creating their own add-ons. However, Kodi only supports the use of Kodi Add-ons as a legal way to use Add-ons on the media player.

The warning…

Any third-party add-ons install on Kodi is illegal. This does not exclude the popular Exodus Kodi Add-on. Although the Exodus claimed that the Add-on doesn’t host any Kodi contents on it database instead, it hosts only a link to videos and hows on Kodi.

Therefore, and if this true, it means we can install Exodus on Kodi as a legal add-on.

How to Configure Kodi Media Player First

Before you go ahead to begin the Exodus Add-on installation, ensure to carry out the following configuration on your Kodi media player so that there won’t be any error while installing the add-on.

Install Add-ons from Unknown Sources

You need to first set Kodi media player to install add-ons from a source different from Kodi’s add-ons source.

Open Kodi >> click Settings >> System settings >> Add-ons >> next >> Unknown sources >> Yes to confirm.

Install Exodus Kodi

Once you have instructed Kodi media player to install Add-ons from unknown sources you can then begin the installation of Exodus add-on on Kodi otherwise you will not be able to install the add-on.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi Media Player

They’re a various way to install Add-ons on Kodi. However, here in this tutorial, I will share with you three different ways to install Exodus Add-ons on Kodi.

Method 1: Kodi Bae repository

To install Exodus on Kodi using Kodi bae repository follow these steps:

Firstly, download the Kodi Bae Repository Zip FileGo to Kodi media player >> Add-ons >> Package icon >> Install from zip file >> select

In case you do not change the name of the Kodi bae repository when you downloaded it. However, if you renamed the zip file’s name after downloading it, search for the file and install it. Wait for some couple of minutes for Kodi to begin the installation. After a moment, you will see the Exodus add-on being installed successfully.

Install Exodus on Kodi

To access the installed Exodus add-on on Kodi, navigate Kodi homepage > Add-ons > Video add-ons > Exodus.

Method 2: Kodil repository

The Kodil repository is a very popular repository to install Exodus on Kodi. Not only that, you can also install the Exodus add-on from the repository on Kod Krypton and Kodi Javis. The untold feature of this repository is that you can update Add-ons on it.

Open Kodi media player >> Gear Settings >> File Manager >> Add Source >> None >> Type “” [in the URL without quotes] >> Type Kodil >> OK >> Enter “” [ without quotes] >> Kodil [name of the media] >> OK.

Navigate back to Kodi Homepage >> Add-ons >> Package >> Install from zip file >> Kodil [name of the file you saved above] >> >> OK >> Install from repository >> Kodi Repository >> Video add-ons >> Exodus >> Install.

Now, wait for some couple of minutes for Kodi to finish the installation. After the Exodus add-on is successfully installed, navigate Kodi homepage > Add-ons > Video add-ons> Exodus for confirmation.

Method 3: Eyez on Me Repository

This repository is new to most Kodi users. The repository offers a simple way to install Exodus on Kodi media player.

Navigate Kodi >>Settings >> File manager >> Add Source >> None >> Type the URL [] >> Name it as All Eyez on Me Repo >> OK >> URL path >> Eyes on Me Repo >> OK.

Go back to Kodi Homepage >> Add-ons >> Package >> Install from zip file >> Eyes on me Repo [name of the file you saved above] >> >> OK >> Install from repository >> Eyez on Me Repository >> Video add-ons >> Exodus >> Install.

Kodi will begin installation and within a couple of seconds or minutes, you are done. To check whether the Exodus add-on is installed successfully navigate Kodi homepage > Add-ons > Video add-ons> Exodus.

These are the best ways to install Exodus Kodi add-on on Kodi media player successfully without an error. However, don’t hesitate to try the whole approach. However, following the 3rd method, you can install Covenant Add-on on Kodi.

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  1. Not sure why you’d need a different way if nordvpn works just fine. You guys just need to stop saving so much to actually gain some value. I’ve used nord with Kodi, to unblock netflix, torrenting… I ended up saving much more than I pay for a vpn subscription. Also, I’m surfing the net in maximum privacy as Nord has this double encryption service. Of course it’s painful to even need to pay for your own privacy online, but there’s no other way anymore.

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