9 Apps to Change Your Voice on Android During Calls

Those days, we’ll use a handkerchief to cover our phone mouthpiece to change our God’s given male voice to female voice playing pranks when we make calls. It was fun and of course, the memory is so sweet. The noodle kids will probably not know we used to do this because of the call voice changer app for both Android phones and iOS devices.

If you are not part of the generation that changes voice when making calls so that the person in the other end will not be able to identify who is calling, technology has really done a good thing for you and for the generation to come. The best call voice changer back then was a person with a feminine voice.

However, instead of being a feminine with a unique voice to change your voice while making calls, the problem is solved with call voice changer app. If you were like me, playing pranks as a hobby, these apps will find a slot on your phone to start playing pranks on all your friends.

9 Call Voice Changer Apps for Android

From the top-rated apps in the play store to the least rated-apps in the play store, below are the best 9 call voice changer apps for Android phones.

Celebrity Voice Changer

Do you have a favourite celebrity with a unique voice you’d like to mimic whenever you talk? Then you are good with this celebrity voice changer. The celebrity voice changer app enables you to talk like your favourite celebrity when acting.

Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer with Effect

This is probably the apps upcoming artists are using when they want to sing like their mentor in the industry. This app adds effects to recorded songs different from the singer’s voice. Also, it adds effect to your voice when you make a voice call to put the receiver in the other end in a dicey condition trying to guess who calls most especially if you hide your number or the call is on messenger.

Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer Plus

If you have a few dollars you are ready to splash I will advise you get the voice changer plus app for your phone. With this app, you can play a decoy and mimic the receiver’s voice when making either a voice call or messenger calls.

This app has some uniqueness which is hidden in the premium version. However, if your goal is to have fun with the voice changer app the free version has what it takes to make your day a bright one.

Call Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer

We, as humans all have a unique voice whether it look alike or not but we are all unique in own ways. However, to create a different story in everything you do on your phone or messenger the best voice changer has some amazing feature to make this a reality.

The best voice changer enables you to add a different effect to your voice when you make voice or messenger calls different from your own voice which people are used to. It also enables you to record your own voice and add effects to it.

Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer Androbaby

This is one of the best pretence apps to pretence you are somewhere else or you are not even the one talking. With this app, you can pretence you are by the roadside with a lot of noises everywhere and you cannot even hear what the caller is saying.

With this voice changer Androbaby app, you can add funny effects to your voice calls or voice messages like echo, monster, helium and many more.

Call Voice Changer

Voice Changer Calling

If you love going weird when calling this is the app you need to transit your normal voice to a weird voice with a single touch. The downside of the app is credit base yet the app claimed to be free to use. This implies that once you exhaust the voice call credit you will need to purchase credit to be able to make a voice or messenger call again.

Robovox Voice Changer

Do you want to sound like a robot on phone with your loved ones? Then, Robovox voice changer app should be your choice. While the free version is limited with the number of robot voice you can mimic calling though and enjoy over 32 robots voice with the premium version.

The fun of the app is you will be seeing how your voice is transiting from the normal voice to a robot voice on the screen.

Call Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer

If you want to freak the hell outta your friends and family use the helium voice changer app and installing you will be sound suffocating on phone. Helium, as an asphyxiant element is toxic to the human body and it kills faster than when a person is drowning.

However, the helium app is best for this and you will start sound suffocating on phone. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t want to try using the helium voice changer app when calling someone like my mother because she’d have been dead before she realized you are faking it.

Call Voice Changer

Ultra Voice Changer

This app is one of those good apps whose best feature is in the premium version, very bad compelling users to subscribe to the premium version to use. The free version is not bad though yet the premium has the whole goodies and you may want to try using it for a moment.

There are a lot of call voice changer apps in the play store. However, most of them are full of bad or average user reviews which is a measure of how best users are satisfied using the app. However, the compiled list of the best 9 call voice changer apps has the best Google rating and they do not access your phone admin right during installation.

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