2 Whatsapp: How to use 2 Whatsapp in one Mobile Without OGwhatsapp

2 Whatsapp account trick: OGWhatsapp apk app is a popular Android app to run two whatsapp in one Android phone with at least one SIM card. Which means that with OGWhatsapp you can run multiple whatsapp account in one mobile. However, here in this post we’d take another dimension and share with you how to use multiple whatsapp, at least 2 in one mobile without OGWhatsapp and without rooting.

OGwhatsapp is not the only way to install 2 whatsapp account on Android without root. The same can be done using GBWhatsapp which is alternative to OG whatsapp apk download for Android phone. Similarly, without download og whatsapp and gb whatsapp you can run multiple whatsapp on your Android phone without root using parallel space Android app.

Whatsapp having over 700 million active users which makes it the most widely used mobile chat app and can be used on dual SIM cards phone, and on a single phone device respectively. However, due to this popularity and for that fact that you are likely having a device with dual SIM then why don’t you start using dual whatsapp on it without apk app installed?

Since Facebook acquired whatsapp in 2014 for $19 billion, the app has launched various features and series of update including status update feature, video call feature that easily replaced Skype and Google duo, whatsapp web yet the company did not officially grant users to use 2 whatsapp account on one smartphone.

2 whatsapp account

However, there are series of Android apps which are not apk to install dual whatsapp on single phone without rooting. Meanwhile, rooting your Android phone makes it more functional but it divulge the warrant in case of any error beyond fixing.

2 Whatsapp with OG Whatsapp Download

There are various ways to run multiple whatsapp account in one mobile. And of course it depends on your choice whether you want to install two whatsapp account with dual whatsapp app apk or you would prefer to install another whatsapp using Google play store Android app. However, wherefore in this article you will learn how to install two whatsapp in one mobile without ogwhatsapp.

Update: Without OG whatsapp downloaded and installed on your Android phone you can running multiple whatsapp but for the sake of this article if you have installed dual whatsapp apk app on you device kindly uninstall it and follow the procedure in this article to use two whatsapp in one Android phone without rooting.

How to 2 Whatsapp Account on one Android Phone without rooting

There is no basic requirement for running multiple whatsapp on Android phone except that your device must support whatsapp, network connection enable, access to play store and common sense.

Before you can access Google play store to download the basic app that would let you install 2 whatsapp account on one Android phone you need a valid Gmail account. However, if you haven’t created your Gmail account you can refer to how to create gmail account for dummy we published on this site time ago.

1. Download and install parallel space from Google play store on the Android phone you want to run two whatsapp account.

Note: You can download parallel space from your computer and transfer it to your Android phone through Bluetooth or shareit for PC. Or better still you can easily installed parallel space to your Android phone directly from your computer with internet connection. Funny enough iPhone users do not have access to parallel space yet and it’s indeed a heart break for iOS users.

2. Launch the installed parallel space Android app on your device. A new window will pops up click on add app and select whatsapp account your already installed.

Note: You must enable Google play service to use parallel space to run dual whatsapp account because the app will need to access play store.

3. Click on agree and continue in green color to initiate dual whatsapp installation

Dual whatsapp account

4. Enter your new mobile phone number different from the one using on your first whatsapp account number to avoid mobile number verification itch or issue and click on next button.

two whatsapp account

5. Confirm your mobile number before you click on ‘OK’ and enter the 6-digits code whatsapp will send to your phone. After which you will be prompted to  restore backup by giving permission or skip backup restore. For the sake of this article we’d skip permission since we assumed that you have not ran 2 whatsapp on your Android phone before reading through this post.

6. Parallel space will load your profile. Then, softly click on next to proceed to the next stage for Whatsapp to start initializing your new installation.

7 Finally you will be welcomed to a fresh whatsapp interface different from the old one. Yet you are still running two official whatsapp account on your device without ogwhatsapp apk app.

Parallel space 2 whatsapp

You have successfully installed 2 whatsapp on your Android phone using parallel space without interruption. The only difference between the two whatsapp app installed on the device is that you will need to navigate through parallel space Android app to access your 2nd whatsapp account unlike the old account which can be accessed directly from your app menu.

The benefit of running 2 whatsapp account on one Android phone is that you will be able to stay in touch with all your friend via whatsapp text and video calls.

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