Top 10 Vipbox Alternatives to Stream Football, NBA, MLS, etc

Vipbox is a sporting website to watch and stream live Football, NBA, NFL, Boxing, Rugby, and Basketball on Android for free. Vipbox has some unique features that make the sporting streaming app the best. However, there are some Vipbox alternatives with similar features to stream football live on your Android phone.

Therefore, if you want to extend your search for the best Vipbox alternatives to start football streaming on your smartphone here are the top list we have used and still using.

Vipbox Alternatives Streaming Sites

Here we share both top sites like Vipbox and apps that work in a similar way to watch and stream Football live on your Android phone.

1. Mobdro

Mobdro app

Mobdro is an old app to watch movies online, streaming football for free, and follow all sports on your phone. The app is totally free to use and it doesn’t require registration to start using it.

Once you download and install the Mobdro app you can launch the app select your favorite channel and start streaming.

2. LiveNetTv

VipBox Alternatives

Live Net TV is an app that works like Vipbox. The only difference between the two is that LiveNetTv is an app and Vipbox is a website. Live Net Tv app is not a play store app.

To start using the app, you have to download and install the LiveNetTv APK app from your trusted APK site. However, you must enable install from unknown sources to enable you to install an APK file. Otherwise, you will encounter the app might contain unsafe contents.

3. UkNow

UkNow is another app similar to Vipbox site to stream football and watches live matches on your smartphone. However, the worst part of this Football streaming app is that it only works in the UK.

If you are not from the UK you will not be able to watch live Football using the app for free. As a matter of fact, your location will show blank. To bypass this barrier. You can use a VPN service and mask your location to the UK address.

4. Redbox

Sites like Vipbox

Redbox is a simple app to watch Football online and other sports for free on Android phone. The Rebox app is an alternative to Vipbox app to watch a different kind of sports online on Android smartphone without a subscription.

There is no limitation to the number of contents you can stream for free using the Redbox app. Once you download and install the Redbox app, launch the app and select the channel you want to watch the ongoing Football match or Rugby or Tennis and start streaming.

5. NBC Sports Live Extra

Stream football

NBC Sports live extra app is similar to Vipbox to watch football live match online and stream a whole football match for free without downtime. This app turns your Android phone to a viewing center.

This is a legal app to stream football for free and you can download it from the Google play store. The app gives even matches extra-view in case you missed a match.

This app is more like Vipbox and similar to the football streaming site to watch football matches for free.

6. Laola1

Alternative to Vipbox is a website like Vipbox to stream football match live in Austria to stream different kinds of games such as motor-sports, Rugby, etceteras.

You don’t have to stick to this website when you are busy if you don’t know when the next game is coming up. The site has a unique feature to follow a scheduled game.

You can watch live sports on the website for your PC and Loala1 mobile app for both Android and iOS which makes it easy to access the free football streaming service. app is a legal app to stream sports on your smartphone and on your PC using either or the mobile app. For Android phone, go to the Google play store to download and install the mobile app and for iOs devices; like iPhone, iPad, and iPod you can download the app directly from the Apple store.

7. FirstsRow Sports

Football streaming

If your search still continues for the Vipbox similar site where you can find all kind of sports and gain direct access to all kind of sports you can stream for free on your own.

This site gives easy access to stream football online on your Android and at the same time on PC. All soccer games are stream 45-3 minutes before the game starts.

So, to start streaming, you have to click on the sport accordion and then click on the link that generates to take you to where to stream the live game.

The painful part of using the Football streaming site which is similar and alternative to Vipbox is that it is not accessible in the United State and the United Kingdom.

However, despite this, you will still enjoy uninterrupted streaming service outside the United state. And if you are from the US, you can use a VPN to mask your IP address to another region where the service is free and allowed.

8. Bosscast

Similar to Vipbox

Next on Vipbox alternatives is the Bosscast free sports streaming site where you can stream of sports for free online and without registration. Bosscast makes it really easy to stream football online by providing a direct link to start streaming with just a click.

When you are on Bosscast to stream football and other soccer games you can select from the channel to suits your need or follow the link provided to start streaming.

The is another one of the Vipbox alternatives sites that have over 130 channels to stream sports online for free and it doesn’t require any form of registration.

All games including golf, MBL, NBA, and other sports channel are free to stream when football or other sports is ongoing. When you choose to use this site instead of Vipbox you can chat with other users using the chat box.

9. Sportlemon

Site like Vipbox

The simple interface of the Sportlemon makes it similar to Vipbox football streaming site. The site design is so simple that you don’t have to stress yourself looking for contents to stream.

On getting to the homepage you will see upcoming live streaming that you can stream free and will be available shortly. However, if you desired even isn’t available on the homepage it means there is no access to stream the content live.

For further inquiry on whether it will be available shortly just click on the content, you want to stream on the navigation bar and see when it’ll be available.

10. FuboTV

Vipbox alternatives

FuboTV is not available in all locations. But, it’s available in your zone you have got a good streaming service to use. However, other than free sports streaming service the FuboTV also offer the normal cable service to watch live events from the comfort of your home and on your home gadgets.

FuboTV, unlike other stream services that are the same with VipBox as mentioned above, the FuboTV requires paid access to access its contents without which you will be put behind the service and you will not be able to access it.

However, with a valid monthly subscription, you will be able to stream your favorite sports and other events that are available on the platform.

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