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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact

There are two ways to send WhatsApp messages without adding phone contact to your phonebook. You can use WhatsApp link feature and also, you can use third party app. Over the years, there have been so many improvements in WhatsApp features. One of those features is the ability to send WhatsApp messages to an unsaved phone number.

The process of sending messages on WhatsApp to unknown numbers or to unsaved number is available for all smartphone. With the following procedure, you will be able to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers on iPhone, Android and on your computer.

Meanwhile, the first method involves using PC or your mobile browsers. This method is viable for iPhone users as well as Android phone users. Windows phone users can also take the advantage to send WhatsApp messages without adding a contact to your phone book.

The second method is only for Android phone users. BB10 users can also use the app to send WhatsApp messages on their phone without saving the contact to they’re phonebook.

How to Send WhatsApp Messages to an Unsaved Contact on Android or iPhone

At this point, I’ll assume that you have a valid WhatsApp account that can send and receive messages from other WhatsApp users. But if you, however, do not have WhatsApp account read our post on how to create WhatsApp account, you can even read this post to use Dual WhatsApp on Android or how to use WhatsApp on PC. Better still you can take your time to check out our collections of WhatsApp posts.

Note: If you have the contact saved on your Android phone or iPhone, you may not really need to read this post since you can easily update your WhatsApp contact to add the number to your WhatsApp list.

Fire up a browser on your computer. All it requires is that it must be a browser you will be able to sync your iPhone or Android or Windows’ WhatsApp QR code on and visit the link below:


Note: Change “number” to the unknown phone number you want to send messages to on your WhatsApp. See example below.


Don’t forget to change the country code “234″ to your country code.

You will be redirected to a new page where you will compose your WhatsApp message or messages that you want to send to the unknown contact without saving it.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

Click on “Message” as seen in the image above. And you will be redirected to web WhatsApp. At the same time, if you have WhatsApp for PC or Mac desktop app running on your device it’ll pop up. Back to your PC, fire up your phone browser (iPhone, Android, and Windows) and connect your web WhatsApp to your PC.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

Once the connection is established you will be able to send messages to the unsaved number. Meanwhile, you should know that the unknown or unsaved number will be able to see your WhatsApp contact once the message is delivered.

How to Send WhatsApp Messages to Unsaved Number Using Third Party

This procedure involves using Android app. As such, this section is mainly how to send messages on WhatsApp to an unknown or unsaved phone number on Android phone. Meanwhile, the above procedure works for both an Android phone and iPhone. Windows phone users are not also left out.

First, you need to download and install WhatsApp Direct from Google play store on your Android phone

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

Launch the app from your Android app list and accept terms and conditions by clicking continue. And if you have the time you can click on view policy to read the terms and conditions before you proceed.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

Swipe across the welcome messages that say:

  1. Send WhatsApp messages & media direct to any number without saving contact
  2. No need to save the contact, just add a number and send. It’s easy
  3. And all others

Or to save your time just skip these messages and proceed to the mean menu to initiate the purpose. And now to send a message to an unknown number using WhatsApp direct.

Now, copy and paste the non-phone number to the first column with country code. If you don’t know what country code is all about please visit this page.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

Note: You can also add media such as your image for the person to be able to identify you and click on send a text or send media depending on your choice.

This is exactly how to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact to your phonebook. They are some standalone website to achieve this but most of these sites are full of virus or malware. So, for now, I prefer using either of the above methods to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that are not saved on your phone.

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