Download Instagram Data Within 12 Hours

Download Instagram data with 48 hours to your email address and upload it to another social media easily. Long ago, Facebook has a tool to download all Facebook data without using a third-party app. Here is a complete guide on how to download Facebook data without leaving behind anything on the platform.

Instagram has taken to the platform to announce the new Instagram feature to upload multiple Instagram stories at once and a tool to download Instagram data. The two updates are a prominent feature on the platform all users have been craving for. However, it was TechCrunch who called unto Instagram attention to release a tool that will allow the users to save a copy of their Instagram data for future use.

And now, the tool is released and hide under Instagram privacy and security settings. It takes less than 48 hours to a complete data of all you have uploaded into Instagram including Instagram photos, videos and other short stories you have on Instagram.

You can request for Instagram data download both on Instagram for PC as well as on Instagram mobile app. The new features (multiple Instagram stories and download Instagram data) which is currently available on the Instagram app for Android phones will be made available on the Instagram app for iPhone in the coming week.

Download Instagram Data

How to Download Instagram Data on PC

To download Instagram data on PC:

Log into your Instagram account >> Instagram profile picture >> Settings Gear icon >> Privacy and Security >> Request Download >> Email Address >> Next >> Instagram password >> Request download.

An email containing a link to download your Instagram data will be mailed to you. This email will only be valid for only 4 days after which the link will expire. Once the link expires you will be required to make a new request.

Once you clicked on the download button you will be asked to login to your Instagram account with your account username and password to confirm that you are actually the owner of the account. In the new page after you enter your username and password a link to download your Instagram data will be revealed and you can download the data.

You Instagram data will be forwarded to the email you entered within 48 hours. Meanwhile, it takes Instagram less than 10 minutes to compiled and forward my Instagram data into the email I entered.

This is the step by step procedure needed to request a copy of your Instagram data to be sent to your email address. Note that it is not compulsory to use the email associated with your Instagram account. You can use another email you have control over. But, be sure your data is sent to an email that will not be used against you.

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