How to Remove Yourself from Fast People Search

It takes about 24 hours for Fast People Search to process the opt-out request to remove yourself from using Fast People Search Removal.

It’s as if it’s not enough to remove yourself from Radaris, Intelius, Spokeo, BeenVerified, and other public record aggregator websites. However, we won’t let Fast People Search go away with it as well.

So, in this guide, we will consider how to personally use the Fast People Search Opt-Out form to remove yourself from the official website of the public website that distributes person information that belongs to people without permission.

Fast People Search has built its reputation that some people now consider it a legal source to search for personal information such as name, phone number, email, relatives, SSN, and the rest of them.

Knowing that this will not go down with all people because of their privacy an option to request that the search intent of the concerned individual can be removed via

Fast People Search Removal

Fast People Search Removal is a tool to remove yourself from, a website to search for people’s information.

So, if you are planning to remove yourself from Fast People Search either with the help of the opt-out form or removal tool here is a guide.

Fast People Search Removal

How to Remove Yourself from Fast People Search

Going to the Fast People Search removal website you will be able to remove yourself from the public record aggregator website.

  • Go to the Fast People Search Removal website at
  • You will be asked to prove that you are not a robot. Check I’m not a robot captcha and click on “Begin removal process.”
  • Now, you need to search for your name on the removal search record to find and remove yourself totally from the platform.
  • A list of search results would appear. Now, you need to look closely and tap on “view free detail” on the information that matches your personal information on the Fast People Search portal.
  • And here you will have your full back and the basic information on the removal screen. And now, you need to tap on “Remote My Record.”
  • That is it. You are done and your requested information will be removed from Fast People Search in the next 24 hours.

True People Search Removal VS Fast People Search Removal

True People Search removal is a link ( to remove yourself from the True People Search portal. However, the Fast People Search Removal on the other hand is a form page to remove yourself from the website.

To confirm the total removal of yourself from these personal information aggregator websites you also need to make sure that you opt out of all the services either using the site removal option or the opt-out link.

After that, you need to go to the information source where Fast People Search scraps your information and delete it. Or turn it off. Also, all public records where your information is present need to be deleted to stop websites like Fastpeoplesearch from scrapping and sharing your content with the public.

Is Fastpeoplesearch Legal?

Is Fastpeoplesearch legal? No! Fast People Search is not a legal website to search and obtain people information. scrap people information from the public record without permission and make it available for people when they search for them on their website.

Where Does Fastpeoplesearch Get its Information

Where does fastpeoplesearch get its information? Fastpeoplesearch get its information by scrapping people information from public records and on social media.

Fastpeaoplesearch doesn’t need to ask people to submit their information manually. Since it’s an aggregator website, the fast people search website can easily depend on other sites where your information is available to get is information.

Therefore, Fast People Search can still keep a copy of your personal information if the information is still available on the public record website where Fast People Search scraps it from.

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