IMVU Review for New Beginners to Earn Free Credits, Send Messages, and Invite Friends

IMVU is an online website that dedicates it, users, to play games online, purchase virtual good from the platform, create a unique 3D avatar and homepage to chat with all your IMVU friends.

Once you have created your own IMVU avatar and homepage your IMVU friends can send a message to you in the form of a text message. However, if the message feature in your account is not enabled yet, you can change the message settings from the account settings.

IMVU allows you to specify who to send your messages to when you compose messages from your account before you send it.

However, in this IMVU review, we’ll reveal to you how to do a lot on the platform such as enabling IMVU message feature, how to invite someone to IMVU chat room, how to look up for people on IMVA chat room, etc.

How to Create an IMVU Account

If you are new to this platform and you know nothing about it, here is a quick guide to creating an account on the platform.

  1. Open your browser and go to the IMVU secure page here and click on the “get started for free button“. You can also sign in with your Facebook account. You can also download IMVU software for your computer desktop.Create IMVU account
  2. Select your “Gender” from the “next” page that comes up.Gender selection
  3. Select your account skin, head, eyes, hairstyle, and facial hair to create your account avatar from the right side. To customize your cloth, click on the cloth customizing.IMVU Avatar
  4. Click on “create account” after you have successfully configured your avatar.Create an account
  5. Fill the registration form and click on “verification”. Make sure you get the verification image correctly before you click on done after which you then need to click on “create account”.IMVU Avatar complete
  6. Log into your email account and click on the verification link sent to your email address on the welcome message.Confirm email address

On confirming your registration email address you will be logged into your IMVU account directly. On the navigation bar, you will your earned credits, Shopping Chart, activity, chat, message, and profile.

How to Earn IMVU Credits for Free

The first thing you want to do after you have successfully created your IMVU account is to earn your first IMVU credit performing some tasks

IMVU Next will take you to your homepage for the first time. When you click on credit you will be taken to where you can perform a simple task to earn IMVU credit.

  1. Log into your IMVU account if you have logged out and go to “IMVU next” or follow this link “”
  2. Click on “Free Credits” on the screen before your avatar IMVU
  3. You will be taken to “Revenue Universal Offer Wall” with options on how to earn free credits. You can earn an unlimited bonus by taking a survey, complete questionnaire, etc. To earn huge free credits consider taking the survey often.Free credits
  4. Once you completed a survey or task on the platform your account will be credited with the credit.IMVU Credits won

How to Enable Messages on “IMVU”

You must have IMVU account and verify your account registration via the link sent to your registered email address.

  1. Log into your IMVU account
  2. Click on the account settings and you will be redirected to your IMVU account settings.Panel Visibility
  3. Scroll down the page until you get to the “Panel Visibility Settings”
  4. From the drop-menu select “Leave Messages”
  5. Select “Everyone” so that everyone will be able to see your messages or select “Friends” so that only your friends will be able to leave a message for you.
  6. Click on the “update preference” option

Now, you have successfully enabled IMVU message feature on your account, hence, you will be able to send messages to your friends on IMVU and receive messages from other members as well according to your settings.

Invite Someone to a Chat Room in IMVU

If you want to have a chat with someone in the IMVU chatroom here is what to do to invite the person.

  1. Log into your IMVU account on the webpage or using IMVU desktop software
  2. Click on the chat room icon when you are logged into your accountIMVU chat
  3. Click on the “Go” button in the “Chat room” when you scroll down the page
  4. Click on the head-like icon in the grey color that looks like a human head and shoulder.
  5. In the menu, click on “Invite by the name”
  6. Type the “IMVU Avatar” name of the member you want to invite to the chat room
  7. If you are inviting someone from your friend list you can select from the popup list.
  8. Now, wait until the person accepts your chat room invitation. Once the person accepted your invitation the person will show in your chat room

How to Search for People on IMVU

It’s very easy to find people on IMVU platform. However, the approach may look daunting though, but, once you know their avatar name, you can easily search for them, send them an invitation, and add them to your chat room.

  1. Login into your IMVU account on a webpage or using the desktop software
  2. At the top of the platform’s page click on the option that says “Community”
  3. Click on another option that says “People search”
  4. Now, scroll down the page until you see “Find a Friend” in the option
  5. Click on the menu option and select “Avatar name” from the drop menu
  6. Enter the “Avatar name” of the user you want to find and click on search. All users with the avatar name will display

Now, take a close look at the avatars and see whether the person is on the list. Once you are able to identify the said user, click on the avatar and send an invitation. Once the user accepted your invite, the person will be added to your IMVU friends’ list.

2 thoughts on “IMVU Review for New Beginners to Earn Free Credits, Send Messages, and Invite Friends”

  1. When you are setting up your account on IMVU, they give you the option to “find me by e-mail address”, meaning, the e-mail address you used to register your account with, which let’s everyone on the platform see it. I recommend you turn this OFF in your account settings, so people can’t see it. This is a basic Cybersecurity rule. Do not let anyone know the e-mail address you use to register any account with online.

  2. TIP: I work as a “Greeter” in IMVU. If you have any problems, questions or concerns with your account or getting started, I recommend visiting either the “Buckstars Cafe” or “IMVU Hangouts” chat rooms. These rooms are set-up by IMVU for new people, and have Greeters in them most of the time to welcome you and possibly help you. The best resource for help though is IMVU’s “Help & Discussions” website. There is a lot of illustrated tutorials and information there. You can get there by clicking on “Help” on your app, or just go to “”.


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