7 Tools to Create Bootable USB on Windows

Which tool is best to create a bootable USB on Windows to install Windows directly from a USB? When you successfully created a bootable flash drive it’ll be very easy to install and upgrade Windows OS via the BIOS.

Upon series of search, you’d have come across various tools to burn ISO to UBS or DVD to make the USB bootable. However, which of these tools is best and easy to use?

In a few of our previous articles, we have discussed explicitly various ways to create a bootable USB using tools like Rufus, WinToUSB, WintoFlash, etc.

However, for the sake of having to choose from different tools that can be used to burn Windows ISO to DVD or burn ISO to USB here are most used Windows bootable creator on USB and DVD.

The whole tools have the same attribute to burn Windows to USB or DVD to be able to install Windows from a USB drive.

USB Bootable tools for Windows

If you need a quality tool to burn Windows to USB here are a few USB bootable you can use.

1. Rufus

Bootable USB

Rufus is a lightweight tool to burn Microsoft Windows to a USB or DVD drive to make the removable a bootable. There is no need to install Rufus tool on your PC.

The Rufus is a click to run tool developed to work on Windows computer to burn Windows OS on CD/DVD and other removables such as USB, flash drive, pen drive, floppy disk and many others.

There is no professional skill required to burn Windows to DVD using the Rufus tool to make the (rewritable) DVD bootable on a Windows PC.

Download Rufus

2. WintoUSB

Burn ISO to DVD

WintoUSB is another tool to create USB bootable to install Windows from USB easily via the BIOS settings. The WintoUSB latest release is version 4.9 and it works with all Windows OS.

The WintoUSB needs an administrative right to work and you need to install it on your Windows computer. It’s also a click to run a tool to make USB a bootable drive to install Windows from a USB.

Download WintoUSB

3. WintoFlash


WintoFlash is yet another tool to create bootable DVD or bootable Disc to install Windows from a USB or DVD inserted into the Windows computer before restarting the device.

The WintoFlash is a lite weight app to run on Windows and create a bootable USB when you click on the burn button after you’ve selected the Windows ISO you want to burn on the flash.

Just as the name of the tool implies, the WintoFlash drive also supports creating a bootable DVD and other removable other than a flash or pen drive to install and upgrading Windows operating system directly from a USB.

4. WintoBootic

Bootable USB

WintoBootic is a small size Windows tool to transfer the Windows OS to a USB or DVD drive and make the drive bootable. The WintoBootic simple turns the USB drive to a device that you can use to install Windows from or upgrade from another version to the newer version on the USB.

WintoBootic works on all Windows architecture (32 bit and 64 bits) and supports all Windows edition. However, to use the WintoBootic to create a bootable DVD the drive must be empty otherwise the ISO file will override all files in the drive and turns it into a bootable.

5. UNetbootin

USB bootable

UNetbootin is a multipurpose bootable drive creator for both Windows and a Mac computer. You can also use it to create Linux bootable on USB to install Linux OS from a USB drive.

If you are looking for a tool to burn ISO to USB for Windows and burn Linux to USB as well as Mac installer, the UNetbootin is the best tool for that as it works on across all platforms.

With the UNetbootin you can create a bootable USB and use it to install Windows OS on your new or next computer.

6. Yumi

Burn ISO to DVD

Yumi won a lot of users accolades for being one of the best tools to make USB a bootable drive on Windows and other OS. The Yumi can be used to create different bootable on a drive including an antivirus, to clone your hard drive, diagnostic tool and many more.

The Yumi works as a universal tool to turn a drive to bootable burning ISO on the drive via the tool and use it to install the OS on a PC via the BIOS settings.

A unique feature of the Yumi tool for Windows is that the tool can be used to uninstall bootables and roll back the previous version available on the device.

7. WinSetupFromUSB

Create a Bootable Drive

WinSetupFromUSB is a tool to create a Windows or Linux bootable on USB or Drive to enable users to install computer OS directly from a flash drive.

The WinSetupFromUSB works the way the other tools mentioned above to burn ISO to USB to turn the USB drive into a bootable drive work. The tool works on all Windows architecture (32 bits and 64 bits) and supports all Windows edition to make USB a bootable on another PC.

Have you used any of these tools in the past to burn ISO to USB or DVD and turns the drive into a bootable? Meanwhile, if this post misses out your best Windows tool to burn Windows OS to a UBS or to turn a USB to bootable drive is missing kindly use the comment section to suggest it.

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