Move Apps, Movies, Audio, and Picture to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

Google upgraded “Google File Go” Beta to full functioning app with a lot of features for Android phone users. These features include how to move apps, movies, audio, and picture to SD from phone memory using an arm of this app feature.

The app, File Go which was designed to help Android phone users free spaces on their phone, remove duplicate files, transfer files from one Android phone to another phone with “Google File Go” installed on both devices also incubate a feature to move documents to SD from phone internal storage.

With “File Go” app you can move apps that are installed on phone internal storage to SD, and also move pictures, movies, audio, and songs to a memory card. This feature sync downloaded files that are stored in your phone internal storage and pop an option to copy the downloaded files or move it to SD on your phone to curate more space.

Over time, “Google File Go” will replace apps like Share it which is developed by Lenovo to share files between device and computer inclusive, Flash share for Android phone users to send and receive files without data and internet connection, Xender which is currently gaining popularity as one of the best app to transfer files between phones.

The advantage of File Go over this apps is that with File Go you can move files to SD from phone memory to create more space and increase your phone performance, identify movies, apps, pictures, music and other items you have on your phone that consume your phone storage, also, to be able to clear phone cache with just a click.

Aside from the fact that you can remove duplicate files with File Go on your Android phone, you can also use the app to move files from phone storage to external storage or SD. If there is any file on your phone you want to transfer to your computer you can use File Go with the help of OTG flash drive to move the files from phone to OTG and then to your computer in a sequential order.

How to Move Files to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

Following the procedure below you will be able to move files to SD from your phone internal storage to free more spaces on your device. This tutorial only valid for an Android phone as at this time. iPhone users may check back for best iPhone app to move files to SD from iPhone.

1. Open Google play store and install the “Google File Go” app to your phone and open the app

2. Click files option on the bottom of the launched app

 Move Files to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

3. Select where the file you want to move to SD is located from the list of files folders

 Move Files to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

4. Click  the drop menu in front of the file to move click  select to select multiple files from the list

 Move Files to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

5. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right and select move to SD card.

 Move Files to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

Once you have done that the selected files will be moved from phone internal memory to your phone SD. Meanwhile, you must have enough space on your SD to do this otherwise it will bounce back and will not be able to move due to lack of enough storage facility.

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