Some Google Fi Subscribers can no Longer use Hangouts for SMS

In May 2017, most Android users lost the allowance to use Hangouts as an SMS or MMS client, and Google Fi subscribers were exempted, but this support may end due to the possibility that classic Hangouts may be disapproved.

Many Fi users have now received the message “SMS is leaving Hangouts” in the application. For the past three years, when some have temporarily found the warning, Google’s “notice” was that “this change will not affect Google Fi users.”

Some Google Fi subscribers can no longer use Hangouts for SMS

However, things could change as some, but not all, Fi users say they are no longer able to receive and send text messages with Hangouts. Hangouts no longer appear in the “Standard SMS application” menu in Android system settings.

Since Classic Hangouts will soon go away, this is likely an intentional decision from Google Fi subscribers. Earlier this month, Hangouts migrated to Google chat for G Suite users. At the end of 2020, the standard service will no longer be available to professional customers.

When you’re done, Google will focus on the free accounts that will continue to use regular Hangouts. The company said in early 2019 that consumers would migrate to a free version of the chat, formerly Hangouts Chat, “after the transition from G Suite customers” and that “a more specific schedule will be announced at a specific time.” later.”

Some Google Fi subscribers can no longer use Hangouts for SMS

Hangouts are essential for Google Fi users today to deliver calls/text messages between devices. The alternative is to simply use messages and only be able to access the service on your phones.

However, Google has worked to integrate Fi into messages for the web to access text messages, calls, and voicemail. What is most remarkable is the way MVNO, unlike standard SMS, does not have to log in with the cumbersome QR code process or connect/switch on their phones. Of the channels we saw last month, all you have to do is sign in with your Google account.

(In parallel, Google is working to “replace Hangouts to make calls and send text messages” and switch users to Voice.)

Given the message embedded in today’s app and the work of making the message more attractive to existing FI customers, hangouts may lose access to text messages if they are not entirely interrupted, later than never.

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