FIXED [2022]: How to Cut Carpet

Did you just move to a new apartment and you need to lay a few carpets and also resize them? If yes, then this article is for you. Stay tuned as I walk you through how to cut carpet to the desired shape and size, the best tool for cutting carpet, how to cut carpet with scissors, how to cut carpet with fraying, and so on.

Cutting carpet looks like a very straightforward task, but it’s not in the real sense. It requires a level of expertise to get the job done right. Mastering how to cut carpet yourself will help you save some money instead of having to involve the service of some professionals. You can also become a pro at it and make cool money.

Whether you are replacing it with a new one in using the same old carpet, knowing the finer points of cutting the carpet can save you valuable time and money. The major thing is to use the right tools and ensure they are sharp enough to allow you to work quickly with the required accuracy and control. Read on to get the nitty-gritty on how to cut tools for cutting carpet

Best tool for cutting Carpet

Carpet is one of the common types of flooring material used in indoor and outdoor decorations for homes and offices.

Some important tools you need to install carpets have been stated below. Ensure you have good quality sharpened tools to make the work easier for you. With several types of cutting devices around, getting the perfect one can be difficult. Here are the perfect tools for cutting carpet:

  • Stanley Carpet Knife
  • Dewalt Retractable Utility Knife
  • Kobalt Folding Utility Knife
  • Robert’s Carpet Knife
  • Bibury Heavy Duty Utility Knife
  • Canary Carpet Cutting Scissors
  • C.JET Soft Grip Heavy Duty Multipurpose Scissors
  • Chili Linoleum Knife
  • Stalwart Cordless Power Scissors
  • WORX ZipSnip Cutting Tool

These are the best tools for cutting carpets so far. All you need to do is ensure they are sharpened to make the work faster and easier for to cut carpet

Best Way to cut Carpet Straight

Cutting carpet straight might look like a simple nut to crack, but it’s not, especially if you have never tried cutting something similar to it before. It requires you to take your time to avoid mishaps or casualties and ensure that the carpet blends perfectly with the room’s layout.

Here is how to cut a straight carpet:

  • Make use of a utility knife. It gives a very clean cut that goes through both the carpet fibres and the backing.
  • Using a utility knife also allows you to maintain a straight edge while following a guide like the edge of a level.
  • That’s it!

Do you cut Carpet from the Top or Bottom?

At any point you find yourself cutting a carpet, you should work on the back side of the carpet (the bottom side). The backing is flat, with no thick pile that will obstruct you. First, ensure you outline your cuts with a marker before cutting them with a to cut carpet

How to Cut Carpet Straight Lines

You might be nervous trying to get the perfect cut from your carpet since you are avoiding every possible mistake. This can cause your hands to shake and be unstable. To cut carpet straight lines, follow the steps below:

  • Place a long straightedge down to draw a marker line on the back of the carpet where a straight cut is required, and then keep the straightedge on that line as you cut. 
  • Make use of a sharp utility knife, which is key to making a clean cut; you may need to change the blade several times during a large carpet project.

Can a Utility Knife Cut Carpet?

A utility knife is a sharp knife that’s best suitable for cutting carpet to your desired shape for a big room. You may need to change the blade of the knife several times before you complete the task. Although the interruptions might cause a delay it’s worth changing.

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Is there a Special Tool to cut Carpet?

To make a perfectly clean cut, you need to start with a sharp knife. This is one of the most important tools if you need to cut carpet. A standard utility knife is preferable, although something similar to an X-Acto knife or razor can also perform this task.

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Can I cut Carpet with a Hot knife?

No, you can’t cut carpet with a hot knife. A hot knife can’t work on natural materials because natural fabrics don’t melt, rather they char and burn, and fray and unravel. Synthetic fabrics like polyester, Dacron, acrylic, and nylon are used in carpets, upholsteries, ropes, and clothing that doesn’t cut well with a hot knife.How to cut Carpet straight lines

Are Carpet Blades Sharper than Razor Blades?

A carpet knife blade is very thin and razor-sharp. When comparing the pointed, triangular blades in utility knives and that of a carpet knife blade which is square and unlikely to snap while in use. The square corners of the carpet knife make it harder to mistakenly cut too deep and damage the skirting or hardwood flooring in which the carpet was to cut carpet

How to Cut Carpet

Basically, cutting your carpet is done with the aid of a utility knife and a straight edge. It allows you to cut the carpet by extending through the backing and into the carpet fibers. You can make use of the heavy-duty utility knife for both carpet installation and carpet removal as long as the knife is well sharpened. Also, note that most rolls of carpet come in widths of 12 feet, ensure to consider this when cutting your carpet.

Here’s how to cut carpet, follow the steps below:

  • Make clean cuts by using a utility knife with a removable blade, ensure you change to a new blade before getting started.
  • Gently place the tip of the knife against the carpet. 
  • Hold the knife with your right hand (or left if that’s your dominant hand) so that the angled edge of the blade is pointing away from you.
  • Let the blade point downward to touch the tip to your starting point on the carpet.
  • Press down the carpet to enable you to pierce the carpet’s tough backing.
  • You need to get through the backing while cutting the carpet. The backing is usually the hard, flat side that lays flush against the floor.
  • Don’t insert the blade into the carpet too deeply at once (you might blunt or break your knife, or even mark up the underlying flooring if you insert too much pressure.
  • Trace the blade along in a straight line. 
  • After inserting the tip through the carpet, pull back on the knife slowly but with a smooth motion.
  • You will feel the backing disintegrate beneath the blade.
  • Make use of a straightedge to guide your movements slowly, and pause every two or three feet to reposition before you continue cutting.
  • Keep your wrist fixed and stable to avoid making loose or uneven cuts.
  • In case you don’t have a straightedge, try tracing one of the seams at the underside of the backing.
  • Tracing a seam will help you make straight and steady cuts.
  • Measure your work area by using a tape measure to find the length and width of the room you are carpeting.
  • This will give you the exact side of how much carpet you will need. 
  • To get the exact size of the inner area of your room, multiply the length of the room (in feet) by the width.
  • Work a few feet at a time. The key to installing a professional-looking carpet is to take your time and give each section the same amount of care and attention.
  • Ensure your cuts are made on the backside of the carpet. 
  • Fold the carpet roll over and run your knife directly over the backing to get a cleaner cut with ease without any guesswork.
  • Cut carefully and slowly around corners, contours, and openings. 
  • You may need to leave space for a fireplace, a section of tile, or some other piece of detail, then you will need to cut carefully around corners, contours, and openings.

That’s it! This is how to cut carpet. how to cut carpet

Can I cut Carpet to Zize?

Most carpets come in 12-foot widths. You unroll across a floor to install it. One of the most essential steps in installing a carpet is to cut it to the right size. Since it is a major investment, you don’t want to make a mistake cutting it too short.

Cutting it to the perfect size requires that you take accurate measurements of the room and then add some to allow for a tight fit and allowance.

What Scissors to use to cut Rugs?

There are several tools used to cut carpets. However, if you want to use scissors, heavy-duty carpet Shears are the best choice for this task. It has sharp steel blades for precisely cutting stained or damaged fibres and the wide blade design also assists to ensure level cutting. 

We recommended these scissors to cut your rugs. The shears are shaped to help with levelling and trimming carpet seams or frays.How to cut carpet with scissors

How to Cut Carpet with Scissors

You can use scissors to cut carpet but you need to make use of the right type of scissors. Standard scissors, like the ones you use at your desk or in the kitchen, are not heavy-duty enough for most carpet cutting. Carpet cutting scissors are designed specifically for the project.

Carpet cutting scissors allow you to cut through the fibers and the backing without applying much pressure. The angle of the blades is such that it makes it easier to cut carpet and also lift it at the same time.

If you only need to cut a few inches of carpeting, you might be able to use a standard pair of scissors. However, you might ruin the blades in the process.

How to Cut Carpet Corners

Note that cutting can’t be reversed, once the deed has been done. it’s done! Therefore, you can’t resize a carpet in a hurry. It’s proper to fold the sides first and place the rug in the room for a few days to ensure it is what you want. You can as well apply painter’s tape to map out the areas you are considering cutting. Here’s how to cut carpet corners:

  • First, measure the width of the room by placing one end of the tape measure at one edge of the floor and stretching it to the other side of the room.
  • After measuring the width, add 4 inches to the measurement, and write it down.
  • Measure the length of the room as well, and add 4 inches to the measurement.
  • In case the room where you are installing the carpet is small, try to find a bigger room where you can unroll the carpet easily, preferably an area that has plenty of space.
  • Turn over the carpet so that the rigid backing will be facing up.
  • Make use of the tape measure and a marker to transfer the length measurement onto the back of the carpet.
  • Make several marks across the carpet to help you trace out the shape while cutting.
  • Place a sharp utility knife or carpet cutters at the first mark, and press it down as you cut all the way tracing the remaining marks to cut the carpet.
  • Using the tape measure and the marker, transfer the proper width to the back of the carpet just as you did with the length.
  • Trace and cut along the marks with the utility knife or the carpet cutter.
  • Roll the carpet up and move it to the room where you are supposed to install it in case you have done your work in a bigger room in your home.
  • Place one side of the carpet up against the wall and unroll the carpet over the length of the room (There will be a surplus at the remaining walls because of the extra 4 inches that you allowed for each measurement).
  • Go ahead by securing the carpet to the floor.
  • Place a hookbill knife (this looks like a metal hook) on top of the carpet where it meets a wall.
  • Press down firmly to create a crease along the length of the wall, this is where you will trim the excess.
  • Repeat the above step for each of the remaining walls.
  • Now, place a carpet wall trimmer on the floor with the blade side facing toward the wall.
  • Slide it as far as you can against the wall and press it down as you push forward to cut along the crease line.
  • Repeat the above process on each of the remaining walls to trim the excess carpet.
  • Pick up the carpet pieces and dispose of them.

That’s it. you have successfully cut carpet corners. how to cut carpet corners

What is carpet shearing?

All rugs are usually sheared when they are woven to provide an even pile, however, longer yarns can work up from between other yarns and stick up higher than the rest of the pile. 

Light Fading Ultra-Violet light, even if not direct sunlight, can bleach the tips of the rug pile over time.

How do you cut Carpet without Fraying

Here’s how to keep carpet edges from fraying and also how to cut carpet without fraying. Follow the steps below:

  • After cutting the carpet, secure the edges with heat.
  • Ensure to cut off all loosened carpet fibers before they become frayed.
  • Apply a carpet binder to the seams to keep the edges from fraying.
  • Make use of sliders when moving interior furniture.
  • Also, apply carpet binder tape to the edges as it prevents fraying too.
  • Install transition strips.

That’s it! You have successfully cut carpet without fraying. how to cut carpet without fraying

How to trim Carpet Edge

Trimming carpet edges is quite easy. Follow the easy steps below:

  • Create a 4-by-4-foot area for the area you want to depill. 
  • Plug in the shaver or trimmer and trim from the top left corner of the section down its length. 
  • Repeat the above process across the width of the first area. 
  • Intermittently stop to remove any fibers that might be clogging the shaver and dispose of them in a trash bag.
  • You can as well measure the carpet against the wall, and trim the carpet with a utility knife so that there is just enough carpet to fold over the top of the tackless strip into the space between the strip and the wall.
  • Stretch the trimmed carpet edge over the tackless strip, and push the carpet into the space between the strip and the wall with the aid of a putty knife.

This is all about how to cut carpet. Let’s know in the comment section below if you encountered any challenges while cutting your carpet to fit your room. 

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