How to Login and Reset GreatPeople Me Password

Greatpeople me at Kroger Inc. employees login information and how to change password and username. is a web portal for all workers of the Kroger company to know and have first-hand information with Greatpeople login the moment a job opportunity is offered.

Through the official Greatpeople me website at, all staff and admin of the Kroger Inc. can log in to their employee’s page to check what they have for the day and all related information from the company.

This post, will, however, explain in detail everything you need to know about employees log in. How to access the secure web page with your Greatpeople password and

How Kroger Started?

Kroger Inc started over a century ago, precisely in 1883 as a retailing company and adopted the first name of the founder, Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

In 2016, Kroger was named the largest supermarket chain based on the company’s revenue. Kroger net revenue in 2016 read $115.34 billion and thus, made the Kroger the second-largest retailers company in the USA just behind the giant, Walmart.

Kroger Co., as a company in the US with hundreds of employees, it seated in the 17th position in the USA is the largest. As at this time, Kroger Inc has its name on the score sheet as the 3rd largest retailer in the world.

Not only that, the Kroger Co., is the 3rd largest privation organization in the united state with the highest number of employees. Kroger Co., head office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Aces ETM login and Password Recovery

Kroger website

When you want to sho for Groceries and buy foot items online you can visit the Kroger site online and order for your product.

Apart from Kroger employees log in at, customers have access to Kroger coupon to reduce the cost of items they purchase online.

Kroger payment is also very flexible to allow customers to make payment with the best secure payment method. While customers are giving Kroger coupon code, employees at Greatpeople me are also given the same privilege to enjoy the coupon code to purchase goods online and offline by claiming the coupon code.

Kroger coupon could be through or a Feedback link that requires customers sincere input on how to improve the service of the company to serve customers better and how Kroger’s employees are being responsive.

Kroger Employees Login at web page is created for Kroger’s employees and associated to check Kroger schedule, see work shift, paystub, Kroger express hr schedule, and all employees’ information related to their work.

Employees at Kroger through would also be able to modify information they provided in the first place if there is a need for that.

However, the website has a simple UI and it’s access on employees hand-held devices with their login [username and password]. It is not important to login Greatpeople employee account on Kroger computer. Employees are allowed to sign in to their account using their smartphone or computer at home or work.

Kroger and Greatpeople me Associate is not meant for only Kroger Co., employees to login into their company’s account. Other Kroger employees work for the subsidiary company can also login Greatpeople me account. These include the following;

  1. food 4 less
  2. Fred Mayer jewellers
  3. Dillons
  4. The bakers.

Greatpeople me Kroger Login Employee Portal

As Kroger employee or its subsidiary, here is how to login employee’s account.

  1. Go to Koger employee’s login at on your browser
  2. Enter user enterprise ID and password
  3. Click on the “Sign in” button
  4. You will be taken from the Kroger employee’s login page to your Greatpeople me account dashboard.
  5. In the account dashboard you will have access to pay stub, weak offs, news, express hr schedule, eschedule, leaves, payroll, etc,.

How to Reset Password

You can without stress request for Greatpeople me recovery password link following the procedures below.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the enterprise user ID
  3. Click on the continue button
  4. Provide valid answers to the security questions
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. Kroger will generate a temporary password for your login
  7. Change the password and set a new one 

This approach can be used to reset account’s password and username.

Reset Password on Phone

Another approach to reset Greatpeople me password is doing it over the phone.

  1. Go to your Kroger work location
  2. Call Kroger or support centre on 1-800-952-8889
  3. Say “Password” or Press “20” when you are prompted
  4. Stay online until a customer representative pick up the call

A representative will attend to the program and dictate your Greatpeople me password to you or send it to the email you attached to your employee’s account.

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