How Can You Have 2 Facebook Accounts on One Phone?

According to the Facebook policy, you cannot have two separate accounts but is possible to have 2 Facebook account on one Android phone.

This is not applicable to Facebook alone, you cannot also have two WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Forums, and most other websites so that websites owner, managers, will be able to account for the total number of users they have on the platform.

And the moment one has two accounts, the chance to monitor how the platform is growing will be very difficult. However, this brought about the question ” How can you have 2 Facebook accounts on one phone?

They’re many apps to use more than one account on Android phone a rare case of Parallel Space Android app, Multiple apps usually pre-installed on Infinix and Tecno mobile to run dual apps on these Android phones, even dual BBM with these apps. However, with these apps you can have 2 accounts on one Android phone but such an account will be deleted the moment the secret is revealed that you are running a multiple accounts with the same name, not even with the same email because you cannot open a two Facebook account with the same email as your login detail or the same phone number.

Meanwhile, with Facebook app for mobile and Facebook Lite you can run two Facebook accounts on one Phone. Facebook Lite for iPhone and Facebook Lite for Android phone make it easy to use 2 Facebook account on one Android and iPhone phone.

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So, without wasting your time and without installing and using an additional third-party app on your Android phone, you should eye Facebook Lite with default Facebook app, both found on Google play store and Apple store to download and use 2 Facebook account on one iPhone and Android.

How Can You Have 2 Facebook Accounts on One Phone?

How Can You Have 2 Facebook Accounts on One Phone?

From the preamble above it’s clear that you cannot use multiple Facebook if you are to follow Facebook policy but it’s possible to have more than one Facebook account if you don’t care whether Facebook will close the two accounts or not. However, if you care not about the closure of your 2 Facebook accounts then proceed below.

How to Use Dual Facebook Account on One iPhone/Android

The case of running more than 1 Facebook account on iPhone is the same as the case of running multiple Facebook account on Android devices. However, the approach to sign into a multiple Facebook account on a single iPhone is explained below.

1. Firstly, open two different Facebook accounts either on a computer or on your device

2. Download and install the official Facebook app on your phone [ Android & iOS ] and log into your first Facebook account

3. Download and install Facebook Lite app on your Phone [ Android & iOS ] and log into your second Facebook account.

Note: Once you have successfully logged into your first Facebook account and you are about to log into your Facebook Lite account, a pop-up will prompt your Facebook account on the official Facebook app just decline the update and log into with your second account.

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