How to Speed Up Psiphon Connection

A Psiphon connection is known to be a free internet connection that passes through the Psiphon VPN connection. It’s fun using free internet but it can be frustrating when the network speed is low. However, if you are using the Psiphon VPN connection here is a guide on how to speed up Psiphon connection to make the Psiphon VPN connection faster.

Meanwhile, the process to take to making your Psiphon connection faster isn’t something that is complicated. With the trick to speed up Psiphon connection, you can still have a reasonable internet speed for an average user.

There is no school of thought that is required to make things possible. All users can make the simple manipulation to have a reasonable internet speed with the Psiphon VPN connection on their device.

How Psiphon Pro VPN Works

The first thing you need to know is that the Psiphon VPN gives a free internet connection by relaying traffic via tons of communication protocols. What the Psiphon app does underground when you are trying to connect to the internet is that the app tries to connect through all available and different protocols until a successful connection is made and this is done in a few minutes.

So, if Psiphon is trying to connect to a particular protocol but gets blocked it won’t stop there the free internet connection app will proceed to search for another available protocol and if it’s blocked again it keeps repeating the same steps until it gets a protocol that is not blocked and connects to it.

Meanwhile, you will see your Psiphon VPN connection displaying unable to connect the moment it fails to find a successful protocol to connect with to grant free internet access to your device.

How does Psiphon Pro give Free Internet?

Psiphon VPN starts connecting automatically when you run the program displaying a spinning icon showing that it’s connecting. When it’s connecting, you have a few options to choose from. You can choose either VPN (L2TP over IPSec), SSH or SSH+.

And for the record, you can only choose one connection at a time.

While spinning and the red icon has not changed to green it means that you have not connected and you will not be able to choose a fast country to connect with if you choose VPN over SSH and SSH+.

When you select VPN, you allow the Psiphon app to tunnel all your traffic through the software mapping to a different location.

The SSH and the SSH+ mode is different. This means that you want the Psiphon software to set up a proxy on your Windows. You can even configure your proxy settings using a known IP and port number.

Once you are done setting Psiphon with a proxy, it will automatically tunnel all traffic through the Psiphon.

Note: If you want to use the Psiphon proxy settings with browsers, you must instruct it in your configuration.

Another advantage of SSH and SSH+ modes is that the Psiphon Pro program splits traffic source so that when you are accessing an international site it will tunnel it through Psiphon and when you are surfing a local website, it will leave it as local traffic and you can monitor this in the software log option.

Meanwhile, to use split tunnel you must enable “Don’t proxy domestic websites.” You can check the list of domain names that you accessed through the Psiphon tunnel and those that are not proxied.

When you close the program by clicking on the red icon at the top right the program will stop and you will be disconnected. However, in order not to close the Psiphon software, whether Psiphon 3 or Psiphon Pro, enable the minimize option in the settings area.

How to Configure Psiphon

It must be surreal that you are using the latest Psiphon VPN Pro app to avoid lagging when you are trying to connect to the internet with the free internet app.


Once you have connected to your preferred fasted Psiphon location click on settings and you will see different options you can configure your Psiphon program to work with according to your own needs.

How to Speed Up Psiphon Connection

Minimize to Notification Area (System Tray)

If you don’t want to close the Psiphon program whenever you click on the close button you need to set it to minimize to notification tray. Go to settings and click on the system tray. Enable minimize to notification tray and click apply changes.

Psiphon pro

Split Tunnels

You use split tunnels when you choose SSH or SSH+ over VPN. The split tunnels forced the Psiphon program to tunnel all international traffic and leave local traffic via the Psiphon. This means that when you are visiting local traffic your IP will not be masked. And for international traffic, your IP will be uncensored.

To enable split tunnels, go to “Settings” and click on “Split Tunnels.” Enable “Don’t proxy websites within your country” and click “Apply Changes.”

Psiphon Pro VPN

Psiphon 3 Proxy

Psiphon proxy settings allow you to connect through your choice of proxy server if you do not want to use Psiphon proxy by default. You can either connect through HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKET.

Go to settings and click on “Local proxy port”. In the space provided enter your HTTP/HTTPS server to use HTTP/HTTPS and socket server proxy to use SOCKET and click on save changes.

Psiphon pro

Upstream Proxy

Upstream proxy helps you to override a pre-configured proxy server. For example, if you have a proxy server that you have pre-configured on your browser and you don’t want to use it, you have to specify it in the upstream proxy so that the proxy will be ignored when splitting tunnel on Psiphon Pro.

Psiphon Pro

Do not forget to click on apply changes when you are done configuring your upstream proxy.

The video below explains in details how to configure your Psiphon Pro VPN connection.

How to Speed Up Psiphon Connection

By default, the Psiphon free internet connection has a benchmark for all regions’ average speed when they successfully connect to the internet via a working protocol. However, if you are experiencing a slow internet speed after putting all the necessary setups in place, the tips below will help you boost your speed and teach you how to speed up your Psiphon connection.

1. Limit the Number of Apps using your Psiphon Connection

When it comes to how to speed up Psiphon connection the first step to take is to limit the number of apps that are using the VPN app at a time. The more apps you have using the app the slower the speed you will experience. To worsen the whole situation, when you open multiple social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat will definitely slow down your network connection. So, we advise you to close apps that are opened but you aren’t currently using.

2. Don’t Use Psiphon Pro VPN APK

It’s common to want to use an APK version for the Psiphon app due to some restrictions that are placed on the Psiphon app that is available in the Google Play Store. While the Psiphon APK Pro works you might not get the latest update as it’s releases unlike when you are using the official app from the Google Play Store.

So, to ensure it all works to your advantage you want to stick to the default app in the Google Play Store and update the app constantly.

3. Enable Data Roaming

If you want to connect to multiple servers then it’s better to activate data roaming on your Psiphon app settings. However, this came with its own negativity because it might consume your credit if you have some available in your account so you want to be conscious of this.

Since the Psiphon app is completely free it’ll be amusing to say you need to upgrade to a premium service that costs a few dollars. However, an extra measure you want to take when your Psiphon connection isn’t faster is that you want to restart the Psiphon app to start another connection from the start.

4. Clear the Psiphon App Cache

If you are an Android user you should be familiar with app cache. App caches are like files byte that are stored on your phone to make the app run smoothly. However, when these caches become excess it can affect how the app works. Therefore, we will see how you can clear the Psiphon app cache to help you make the Psiphon connection faster.

  • Go to your “Android” Setting.
  • Click on “Apps” or “Manage Apps” or “Applications.”
  • Tap the “Psiphon App.”
  • Click on “Storage.”
  • Click on “Clear Cache.”

Now, close the Psiphon app and restart it again. The app should restore to a good internet connection speed and you should be fine.

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