How to Activate Windows 7 with and without the Product Key

Windows 7 is the most sort after Windows operating system. The Windows OS version requires an activation key called the “product key”. The product key is a 25 digit combining both numerics and alphabet to activate the product. The Windows 7 activate code remove the Windows 7 isn’t genuine notification located to the bottom right of the Windows screen.

However, to remove this Windows 7 isn’t genuine you need to enter the Windows 7 activation product key. You can activate Windows 7 with Win 7 product key located at the back of your Windows 7 DVD/CD installer. You can also get the Windows 7 product key for Win 7 activation to remove the Windows isn’t genuine at the bottom right of your computer screen.

There are various ways to activate Windows 7. You can activate Windows 7 operating system with the Win 7 product key by entering the 25 activation key, you can also activate your Windows 7 OS without the product activation code. Finally, you can also use the Windows 7 activation loader.

Activate Windows 7

Activate Windows 7 With Product Key

It’s very straight forward to use the Windows 7 activation key to activate your Windows 7. Your Windows 7 product key is different from version to version.

The activation key that works for Windows basic home, is different from Windows premium and different from Windows starter, etc. But you can walk your way around to activate Windows 8 with Windows 7 activation key.

However, if you have the product key written somewhere or you can find the DVD/CD installer with the activation key written at the back, you can use it to activate your Win 7. You can also activate Win 7 online.

Here in this guide, I’ll walk you through different approaches to activate Win 7 OS with your Win 7 product key and use an online process to activate Win 7 OS on your computer.

Activate Windows 7 Via the Internet

The first approach we’ll consider is activating your Windows 7 online with your product key. If you don’t have the product key, make sure you get a valid product key.

  1. Click on the Windows 7 start button
  2. Right-click on the start menu and select properties from the drop menu
  3. Select “Activate Windows Online now”
  4. Click on the “activate now” at the bottom of the screen. Now, the Windows will try to connect to the internet to pop up activation column where you need to type the Win 7 activation key.
  5. Enter the 25 digit activation key on your DVD/CD installer or from the online site where you purchase the Windows 7 installer package.
  6. Click on the Next button and wait until the Windows is activated with your internet connection active.

Note that you must enter a valid product key for you to be able to activate your copy of Windows 7 online.

Activate Win 7 with a Telephone Call

You can also activate Win 7 OS with a telephone call. That is great right? Follow this procedure to activate your copy of Windows 7 with a telephone call.

  1. Click on “Windows 7 start button”
  2. Right-click on it and select properties from the drop menu
  3. Click on “Activate Windows now”
  4. A series of activation options will popup. Then, click on “see other ways to activate”
  5. Enter the 25 digit Windows 7 product key to proceed to activate your copy of the Windows OS.
  6. Click on “Next” and select “Use automated phone system” to activate from the popup.
  7. Kindly enter your administrative password when you are prompted
  8. Click on “Activate now” and select the location that is closet to you. At this juncture, you will also be given some numbers to call as well as the installation ID displayed on the screen.
  9. Pick up your phone and call the number on your screen and follow the instruction to activate your copy of Windows 7 using a telephone call.
  10. A confirmation code/number will be dictated over the phone. Make sure you write down the activation code.
  11. Type the “Windows 7 installation ID” and then followed by the “confirmation number” dictated to your on phone

If the Installation and the confirmation number are entered correctly you Windows 7 will be activated and the Windows isn’t genuine indication at the bottom right will be cleared. If this didn’t activate your copy of Windows 7 you can stay on the phone to ask questions why you are unable to activate your Windows 7 copy.

Activate Windows 7 Without the Activation Key

If you do not have the Windows 7 product key to activate your copy of Windows 7, you can follow this walkaround to activate your copy without using the Windows 7 product key.

The method is to buy a digital license key to activate it.

  1. Go to your Windows 7 Settings
  2. Click on the “Update & Security”
  3. Click on the “Activation tab” on the left side
  4. Click on go to the “Store”
  5. Choose your preferred Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 version
  6. Follow the on-screen to complete your purchase
  7. After this, the Windows 7 will be activated

Once you have successfully activated your product the annoying message at the right bottom of the screen saying that the Windows isn’t genuine will be cleared and you are done.

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