How to Activate Xfinity Mobile

Did you just buy a new phone? You need to enable some functions and activate some apps on it. Try to unbox your new device and get ready for everything you might need to get online like your new phone and charger, Xfinity Mobile SIM card, and any other accessories. Ensure your new phone is switched off (must remain off) to activate Xfinity Mobile.

Are you using your present phone number or are you getting a new one, you can activate Xfinity Mobile online. In as much as you have your new Xfinity Mobile SIM card in hand, it’s time to activate your phone and switch to Xfinity Mobile! This process will only take about 20 to 25 minutes and you will receive an email once it’s done.

In case you still have your present phone, use the new Xfinity Mobile SIM card that was mailed to you when you decided to Bring Your Device with Xfinity Mobile. Remove your old SIM card and insert the new Xfinity Mobile SIM card into your new phone. 

It’s better to use a computer to complete the activation process since you will temporarily lose service while you switch from your older carrier (Activation from your phone is still possible as long as you are on WiFi).

Xfinity Mobile also makes it simple to ensure you don’t mix up your SIM cards when you begin activating phones for the whole family. Each family member should have labels for each new SIM and its corresponding device.

Steps To Activate Xfinity Mobile

To activate Xfinity Mobile, you need to follow the steps below. Once you’re in My Account, go through these fundamental steps:

Pre-activation checklist

This step is quite easy and faster if you take care of a few things first:

  • Note your Apple ID or Google account and password (It will be required to log back into your phone subsequently).
  • Connect to WiFi on your phone in case you’re activating from it. This way, you’ll still get directions for the brief time you lose service.
  • Have a current bill from your old carrier on hand in case you’re transferring your number (Your account information will be required to get your number from your old carrier).
  • Download any voicemails with soft value ( Note that any time you change carriers, you lose your old voicemails).

Transferring your number

Just in case you’re bringing your phone number from your old carrier, a form will be displayed asking for more information. Make use of your old phone bill to finish it so that your phone number can be transferred to Xfinity Mobile. Some additional information will be required, such as your billing address, that is the billing address used with your old carrier, so your bill will come in handy too. 

In case you prefer a new number, just select “I want a new number”. A new number will be gotten once activation is done, and this will also be included in an email sent to you confirming your phone is active.Activate Xfinity Mobile

  • Activating your SIM card

The magic happens right here! After selecting “Activate SIM”, then the behind-the-scenes work will begin by switching you over to Xfinity Mobile. If all of the information provided is correct, the transfer process from most main carriers only takes about 10 minutes.

Note that during these 10 minutes, you will lose cellular service on your phone, and you won’t be able to make any calls. A confirmation email will be sent to you once activation is successful, along with the next steps below.

Insert your new SIM card

Once activation is done, now it’s time to insert the new SIM card you just received. In case this is new to you, we’ll walk you through how to insert a SIM card.

Your account number and PIN from your previous carrier are needed to transfer your present phone number. These can be found on one of your past bills, or make a call to your former carrier for assistance.

It’s even easier for a new number in such a way that all you need to do is just select “I want a new number” and Xfinity Mobile will automatically give you one immediately after the phone is activated.

  •  The “Activate” Stage

In about ten minutes, your phone should be ready. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the activation is completed, including your new number if you requested it. The next thing to do is to navigate to to start. Then sign in or create an account, and choose the phone you’d like to activate.

Now, you can switch on your phone and get ready to experience the most reliable network, with the fastest 5G and 4G LTE network, and well over 20M secure hotspots.

Post-activation checklist

The post-activation checklist has to do with checking out your phone to ensure everything went smoothly after the activation:

  • Examine the carrier name on your phone, it should read Xfinity Mobile
  • Restart your phone, this will allow you to set up voicemail.
  • Check out Xfinity Mobile by calling and texting some friends and family to be double sure.

Before you can start using your beautiful new Xfinity Mobile device, you must activate it. You are welcome to Xfinity Mobile!Activate Xfinity Mobile

Getting a New Number for your Phone

Activation is a one-step process in case you’re getting a new number, and it only takes a few minutes. Immediately activation is completed, you’ll be ready to go with your new digits.

Keeping your Old Number for your Phone

Here you will have to transfer your old number to Xfinity Mobile if you wish to keep it. Before starting the activation process, ensure you have the correct information from your former carrier. You’ll need the following basic info:

  • Account number
  • PIN /or password
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account
  • Billing name
  • Billing address

Ensure to double-check everything because incorrect account information will hinder you from being able to transfer your number. If all of your provided information is accurate, then the transfer process from most major carriers will be completed within 10 minutes. It can take up to an hour for some smaller carriers. In case you’re transferring the number from a landline or wireline, this takes about five working days on average.

There’s no need to sit by your phone waiting for it to activate Xfinity Mobile all by itself. A confirmation email will be sent to you once you’re good to go. An email will also be sent to you if there’s an issue with the transfer, with instructions on what to do next. Also, you can always visit to check your activation status.

Can’t Activate Xfinity Mobile? Try these Fixes

Here are some things to check once you discover you can’t activate Xfinity Mobile:

  • Ensure to select Set Up Over WiFi (not Set Up Over Cellular) when activating your device.
  • In case your device is activated but it’s not working, confirm that you see “Xfinity Mobile” on the top left of the home screen. If you don’t, follow these steps:
  • Connect to a fast WiFi network.
  • Navigate to Settings >> General >> About.
  • Wait for the Carrier Settings Update prompt to be displayed, then tap “Update”.
  • You can try restarting your phone by switching the power off and on.

If problems persist, you can visit the Xfinity Mobile site or send a mail to them for further assistance. I hope this article was quite helpful to activate Xfinity Mobile on your device. Click here for a related article and let’s know what you think about the post in the comment section below.

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