How to Enable OFF-Facebook Activity

Facebook introduced a new feature (OFF-Facebook activity) to help users to control their Facebook data such as apps and websites that are linked to your account and build more trust in bridging users privacy without permission. Facebook think the new feature is the best way to cool off angry users to stop the Facebook algorithm from sharing their information with third parties.

However, the off-facebook settings permit users to block Facebook from sharing their data with advertising company without permission.

With this feature enabled in your Facebook account, the Facebook privacy settings will not be able to share your data on Facebook to advertising agent via the Facebook pixels and Facebook login.

With that been said about the Off-Facebook privacy settings, this post will guide you on how to enable the feature on your Facebook account.

What is Off-Facebook Activity?

OFF-Facebook activity is a new Facebook feature that allows you (as a Facebook account owner) to see all apps and websites that (are linked to your account) to send your information to Facebook for targets ads.

If you have added some sort of websites or apps to access your Facebook account in the past, the off-Facebook activity will reveal them to you to enable you to decide which of the apps or websites have access to your account information henceforth.

Features of Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook came out with the conclusion to introducing the Off-Facebook activity to allow users to have strong control over their Facebook data and the kind of information they allow 3rd party apps and websites to have access to.

1. To give people control and transparency over their account

2. This feature gives access to see a summary of all apps and websites that are linked to your Facebook account through Facebook online tools such as the Facebook login and Facebook pixels.

3. Find out and identify which apps and websites to remove from your Facebook account activity.

4. The feature allows you to disconnect future off-Facebook activity completely from your account

5. You also have the privilege to manage which apps or websites that have access to your account

Update the Facebook Mobile App

If you are using the old version of the Facebook app you’ll need to update to the latest version. If you are asked to upgrade to the latest Facebook app kindly tap the update button to upgrade otherwise you’d have to manually upgrade to the latest version.

If you are an Android user just go to the google play store >> my apps & games >> find Facebook app >> tap on the update button.

For iOS users such as iPhones and iPad go to the app store and update the Facebook app. If you are prompted to log in to iCloud or have security questions kindly do to be able to download and install the latest update.

How to Enable OFF-Facebook Activity

Here is how to keep the OFF-Facebook activity feature active on Android and iPhone/iPad to keep off all apps and websites from accessing your account information and history.

1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Click on the menu option and click on Privacy & settingsOff-Facebook Activity

3. Tap on Off-Facebook activityOff-Facebook Activity

4. Click on clear history to disconnect all apps and websites from your account.Clear information history

5. The list of apps and websites connected to your account will be shown then you need to click on clear history.Clear history

6. Toggle Off-Facebook activity to enable the service and keep your account safe from the future activity from 3rd party apps and websites.Off-Facebook Activity

In summary, to enable Off-Facebook activity, go to Facebook settings & privacy >> off-Facebook activity >> clear history >> tap clear history again >> toggle to enable manage future activity.

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