How to Go Live on YouTube

Facebook is not the only platform where you can go live with your fans you can also go live on YouTube when you enable this option in your YouTube channel. For the first time, to go live on YouTube may last for 24 hours but after that, you will go live instantly when you hit the go live at the button on your dashboard. The YouTube live stream works like the Facebook live stream where you connect with your audience easily over the internet.

Before you choose to go live on YouTube if you are a beginner you need to check how to go live on Facebook and pull the largest possible audience as possible as this also works with YouTube live stream.

However, YouTube recently launch a new feature to watch and go live on Mozilla Firefox despite being a competitor. The YouTube TV now work Mozilla Firefox but there is no sign and update that YouTuve live feature will be coming to Opera mini and Edge browser anytime soon.

Meanwhile, if you chose not to go live on YouTube yourself you can watch live YouTube on your Android phone without creating a YouTube channel. With YouTube live stream you can watch a live football match, live event on YouTube, live programs on YouTube TV, and other events broadcast live on YouTube.

How to Go Live on YouTube Live Stream

This is how to enable YouTube live TV and go live on YouTube to broadcast live on YouTube…

1. Log into YouTube and create your YouTube channel

2. Verify your YouTube Channel and make sure you have not lived stream on YouTube in the last 90 days

3. Log into your YouTube channel and click  on “creator studio tool

YouTube Live Stream

3. Click on “Live Streaming” to the left side of the dashboard

YouTube Live Stream

4. Click on “Get Started”

YouTube Live Stream

Once you click on get started YouTube will request for encoder software program to go live and when you want to stop live stream click on stop encoder and YouTube will stop live streaming. Meanwhile, perfect description, good title, open remark, and the close remark is very important to keep your audience.

How to Go Live on YouTube Android App

You can also go live on YouTube on Android phone using YouTube Android app. However, if you want to go live on YouTube once you have verified your YouTube channel, here is how to go live and how to easily connect with your fans.

1. Install the latest YouTube Android app and log into your YouTube channel

2. Click on the “Camera” button at the top of your channel homepage

3. Grant the YouTube app to access phone camera, Mic, and storage

4. Click on “Go Live”

5. Click  allow YouTube to record audio

6. Creare a catchy “video title” and click on “Next”

The YouTube app will create a new thumbnail for your live video before you go live. You can change the thumbnail and upload a new thumbnail before you go live.

How to Monetize YouTube Live Stream

You are eligible for three different types of monetization method when you go live on YouTube and you are able to pull a large audience. Although, some fans may not like the ads but you can still monetize it even when some fans don’t like to see a popup or pop-under YouTube ads.

Below are the three YouTube monetize ads to monetize your YouTune live TV…

  1. Pre-roll ads
  2. Mid-roll ads
  3. Display and overlay ads

Each of these ads run differently. The pre-roll ads display before you go live, mid-roll ads appear when you are in the middle of your live stream while display and overlay ads run beside and over content when you go live.

For a gaming live stream, you have access to a beta sponsorship while other have access to ads revenue and super chart.

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