How to Cast VLC to your Roku

Like many other TVs, Roku Tv is a Smart tv and it is one of the most used TV and it is also an Android Tv. The Roku Tv comes with other streaming features like streaming on the Tv via the internet. Because of its versatility, many people have resulted into using this Smart Tv.

This article will put you through ways by which you can cast VLC to your Roku Tv. As it is widely known that the VLC is one of the most used media players on different types of devices. For people who are conversant with VLC, installing it on a Roku device is one of the things they look out for.

Although many people keep on searching for a VLC player on Roku TV, it is unfortunate that this feature is not yet on the Roku Tv but we are hoping that it will one day be considered as an in-built application on the Roku Tv.

Luckily for Roku users, we have been able to figure an alternative way to make sure that despite its unavailability, you will be able to find a way around how to cast VLC to your Roku Tv.

One of the reasons why you should cast VLC to your Roku is because it (VLC) offers other features that many other video players are unable to offer. One of its amazing features is that it plays video and music formats and almost all media codecs.

Also, it is free and allows for an open-source, plays media from streaming protocols.

Cast VLC to your Roku

There are different ways in which you can cast VLC to your Roku using a different device. As an alternative to its unavailability on Roku Store, the VLC app can be cast using other gadgets like the Windows computer, Android, and also on an iPhone.

How to Cast VLC to Roku on Android

The majority of Android devices have the ‘mirror’ feature which works for any type of Smart Tv including the Roku Tv. It is to be taken into notice that these mirror features could vary from Screen Casting, Smart View, Cast, Smart Share to Wireless display, etc. Before you can cast VLC to your Roku tv, there are simple steps for you to follow for your Android phone and they are:

How to Cast VLC to your Roku

  1. Connect your Roku Tv to any of the Android devices you are using to the same Wi-Fi or network.
  2. Then go ahead to install VLC on an Android device.
  3. After that, you proceed to click on ‘Settings’ on your Roku Tv displayed at the left navigation menu bar.
  4. A ‘Screen Mirroring’ option will be displayed, and
  5. Select the ‘Prompt’ option to allow the screen casting option.

Luckily for Roku users, we have been able to figure an alternative way to make sure that despite its unavailability, you will be able to find a way around how to cast VLC to your Roku Tv.

  1. Doing this will enable your Android device to start searching for any available device. Once your Roku Tv is detected, chose that option and a prompt message will be shown Roku Tv and accept or allow access.
  2. You can now go to the VLC app on your Android phone to play any file you want and it will automatically be cast on the Roku TV screen.

Just in case your Windows Computer does not allow the casting option probably due to a technical issue, you can try solving the troubleshoot by downloading Bootstraps to resolve the problem.

Remember there are other ways to cast VLC to your Roku Tv and we have discussed one of them in the above. Another method is using your Windows computer to Cast VLC to your Roku Tv. There are two different ways to achieve this.

How to Cast VLC to Your Roku using Windows PC

Method 1

  • Make sure you have connected both your Roku tv and computer to the same network (Wi-Fi).
  • Open the VLC app on the PC and chose the target media document from the offline library to play using VLC.
  • Tap on the Playback option at the upper top of the VLC player and navigate down to ‘Renderer’. VLC will automatically scan for devices and once it detects your Roku device, click the option and that will cast VLC to your Roku.

Important: If after trying this and your Roku isn’t showing under VLC renderer, kindly re-check whether your PC and your Roku are still connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Method 2

  • Again, check if both your Roku and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
  • You will see a ‘Chat buddle’ button on the right-side of your PC menu bar, select the icon to give you access to your laptop’s action call.
  • Chose ‘Connect’. Unable to see the option? You need to tap on ‘Expand’. The computer will begin to search for available devices, your Roku Tv should appear at this point, click on the option, and your PC’s screen will show on the Roku Tv.
  • Then you can now click on the VLC player app and chose whatever media/video you will like to play.

How to Cast VLC to Roku from Mac/Apple Products.

Unlike the other devices, iOS products do not support features such as casting. Or you can try this guide out:

  • Go to the Apple store on your iPhone and proceed to install the Roku app.
  • Click on the app and that will allow the Roku app to search for the available device.
  • Upon doing that, chose the Roku device and connect your iPhone with it.
  • Go to the VLC media player on your iPhone and play any video of your choice and it will be displayed on your Roku Tv.

If you ask what you should do to be able to cast VLC to your Roku, then the only alternative might be to go and purchase an Android device or a Windows PC.

Another means to Cast VLC to your Roku

If after all the above steps, you are still not able to cast VLC to Roku, you can use the other methods by downloading from Roku Store/Roku channel store.

  • PlayUSB
  • Media Browser
  • MyMedia


The major point is that there is no direct access to the original version of the VLC player app on a Roku Tv but we have been able to carry out research to find alternatives for you to be able to cast VLC to your Roku and you can do this by using Screen Casting method on any of your phones or computers.

Hope that you have gathered one or two useful pieces of information as to how you can cast VLC to your Roku TV with this comprehensive write-up.

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