How to Enable Android Guest Mode

The Android guest mode or private mode is the easiest way to rip off all direct access to your smartphone without using a password or hide your valuables or fake lock screen password or password individual apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp app on your phone.

The guest mode creates multiple user access with a different permission. If you have more than one user on your PC you should be able to relate to guest mode on Android, they work the same way.

The only meltdown between computer guest mode and the Android guest mode is that the guest mode option is available on all Windows and Mac OS but only available in a limited Android OS.

The minimum OS required to enable the guest mode or private mode in Android phone is Android Lollipop. Android 4.0 below do not have the privilege to enable private mode by default except the use of apps to create a private mode for multiple users.

However, if you have an Android phone with Android 5.0 to Android Oreo, most especially, Xiaomi, Nexus, and Pixel 2, here in this article you will learn how to activate the guest mode feature hidden in the phone settings.

Android guest mode

How to Enable Android Guest Mode in Pixel 2

Not all Android phone has the private or guest mode feature. However, Pixel 2 has this uncommon feature and it can be enabled following the tutorial below.

To enable Android guest mode in Pixel 2  navigate to phone Settings > Users and accounts > Users > Guest >Add new user > OK > OK.

This direction will set up a new user account different from owners account. However, certain privileges will be given to the admin which will not be given to guest users. After you have successfully created the user account then go ahead to configure user access when in guest mode.

However, to make this active, whenever a friend or sibling request for your phone just Swipe down the notification settings and tap the guest mode to activate it and hide all unauthorized information in the guest mode configuration page.

How to Enable Android Guest Mode in OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T device is another device with a private mode option to lock out friends and family from accessing important information on your OnePlus 5T. To enable the private mode in OnePlus 5T follow the tutorial below.

To enable guest mode on OnePlus 5T navigate to the User icon (the picture inside of the circle) > Add guest.

In the guest page set authorization of what guest can access and what should display in guest mode access. To confirm this, try to switch to guest mode and see how effective it’s.

How to Enable Private Mode

Some other devices without the guest mode option will have the private mode option to limited users access. However, a device running below Android 5.0 or device like Samsung S8 has a different approach to enable guest mode via the private mode settings.

However, below tutorial reveals how to enable Android guest mode in Samsung 8 and other Android devices from the private mode.

How to Enable Android Guest Mode

To enable guest mode in devices with private mode option Settings > Privacy and Safety > Private mode > Private switch > On.

This option only enabled the private mode but no files are hidden for guest access yet. To add files to guest access kindly More and choose Move to Private. Select files and apps to move to private and you are done.

How to Enable Android Guest Mode in  Galaxy 8

Samsung Galaxy S8 called it a different thing entirely. It is neither guest mode nor a private mode. Rather, it’s called a secure folder in Samsung S8. Follow the guide below to enable secure folder in Samsung S8 to hide files and apps that can only be accessed with a passcode.

To enable secure folder in Samsung S8 navigate to Settings > Lock Screen and Safety > Secure folder. Then select lock type to really make the folder secure. Tap Add Apps or Add Files

As simple as the direction, it will always require a passcode or fingerprint or face lock to access the secure folder.

The Android guest mode or private mode is a great feature to restrict users access to your Android phone from important files.

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