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How to Use an Android Phone Without SIM Cards

There are so many unanswered questions about Android phone, SIM cards, make a phone call without network carrier and send a message without SIM cards. Some other questions I have come across include how to text messages without SIM cards, how to make phone calls without SIM, how to activate locked phone such as Verizon without SIM, and above all how to use an Android phone without SIM cards.

The answer to all these questions is that your Android phone can actually work without SIM cards. All you need is internet connection “WiFi” or MiFi”. There are various things you can do with your smartphone without SIM card. You can Facebook with it, create a new Gmail account, log into an Instagram account, use Google search engine, send and receive messages on WhatsApp, use Skype and SnapChat with it.

As a matter of fact, SIM card in an Android phone only play a minor role but knowing fully that you can use an Android phone without a SIM card and explore it using WiFi or MiFi as the case maybe plays the major part. However, here in this article, I will share with you things I do with my Android phone without SIM cards or card so that you too can go take your old Android phone that you have removed your SIM card from and start using it.

Meanwhile, if there is anything you use your Android phone without SIM cards for that are not mentioned below endeavor to make use of the comment section to express yourself on how to use an Android phone without SIM cards that best work for you. All you have to do is to just share your experience with us and we have decided to share ours with you based on things we do with our Android phones without inserting SIM cards.

How to Use an Android Phone Without SIM Cards

How to Use an Android Phone without SIM with WhatsApp

The first thing you’ll love to do when you get a new Android phone is to install WhatsApp app on your phone, insert your SIM card and let WhatsApp send verification PIN to your mobile number. However, do need SIM to receive WhatsApp verification PIN but after verification, you do not need SIM card to use WhatsApp again.

To use WhatsApp without a SIM card all you need is an internet connection to replace internet connection on your SIM card with a subscription. Although, there are few tutorials on how to use WhatsApp without SIM card online and how to verify WhatsApp account without a phone number, and how to use a WhatsApp app without a direct contact number. I have used in the past an app called textnow to verify my WhatsApp account when I wrote a tutorial on how to use WhatsApp without SIM card.

This tutorial still valid till this moment. You can check it out and use your WhatsApp without a SIM card. However, since you do not need the exact SIM card or phone number on your WhatsApp phone after verification you should be able to send and receive messages from your family and friends on WhatsApp with WiFi.

All you need to use WhatsApp on an Android phone without SIM card is internet connection from either a WiFi or Android phone hotspot. If you have an abandoned phone you can use as a hotspot in your house, place of work and probably everywhere you do not to insert a SIM card into your Android phone to use WhatsApp app since the old device can be used as a wireless connection for your new Android phone.

How to Make a Phone Call Without SIM Card on Android Phones

This is one of the tweaks you probably want to try out. How to make cell phone call without a SIM card. Yes, this is super easy and achievable. You can make voice and video call on an Android phone without a SIM card.

There are numerous apps outside there that can be used to make both video and voice call on your phone once there is an internet connection. Examples of such app include Viber, IMO, WhatsApp etc.

While you cannot directly make a cell phone call via a network carrier which requires you to insert SIM card into your phone you can still put a call through with free voice and video calls app. To do this, set your old Android phone as a hotspot and connect to it with your new phone via wireless as this will grant you internet connection to make a phone call over the air with WhatsApp, Viber, Line app, IMO etc.

Meanwhile, the first thing you need to do is to install WhatsApp or any of these free call app so that you can easily make a phone call to friends and family who are on the app. To make sure you are able to put a call through to almost all your friends I will advise you try to register on all these apps and install them on your Android phone without SIM card.

How to Facebook without SIM Cards on Android Phone

Another advantage you probably don’t want to miss out using your new Android phone is the possibility of using Facebook without a SIM card on your Android phone. Well, this is not a big deal. How to use an Android phone without SIM cards is as easy as able to use Facebook with your SIM card.

You do not need SIM card or phone number to register a new Facebook account. You can do that with your email address where Facebook will forward the verification codes or link. Meanwhile, the only tool you need to use Facebook on an Android phone without a SIM card is just an internet connection.

With an internet connection, you can connect with your family and friends on Facebook, use Facebook messenger, and commute with your fans on Facebook.

How to send Text Messages on Android Phone without SIM Cards

This is one of the peculiar features of a smartphone other than making calls. Sending text messages is also very vital. However, you do not need a SIM card to send text messages on your new Android phone. While sending messages on phone requires carrier service like you inserting SIM cards into your phone you can bypass this hindrance to send messages to friends and family with free apps for sending messages.

If you are a fan of text now app that generates special phone number to send and receive text messages you probably won’t value the importance of inserting SIM cards into a cell phone before you can send a message on your phone.

You can download WhatsApp, IMO, Viber etc to send free messages from your Android phone instead of paying for a message sent on your normal network service carrier. This helps to reduce cost and help you to save more money.

How to Trace Location on an Android Phone without SIM cards

Google map is an important feature of an Android phone when you are tracking a specific location you are not really familiar with. While you need Google map and internet connection to trace the said location you can simply make use of Google offline map to use this which calls for no SIM cards to access.

With Google offline map you can do a lot without an internet connection or network carrier. However, you do need an internet connection but it’s not a must have to use Google offline map.

The use of a smartphone without SIM cards is not as bad as using the same smartphone without SIM card. However, whichever way you choose to use your Android phone either with SIM cards or not, all you need is to make effective use of it, which you can achieve with an only internet connection. With an internet connection, you can make free call, send SMS, use messenger app etc.

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