How to Activate Android Phone without SIM Card

There are so many unanswered questions about Android phones, SIM cards, making a phone call without a network carrier and sending a message without SIM cards.

Some other questions I have come across include how to text messages without SIM cards, how to make phone calls without SIM, how to activate locked phones such as Verizon without SIM, and above all how to activate Android phone without SIM card.

How to Activate Android Phone without SIM Card

The answer to all these questions is that your Android phone can actually work without SIM cards. All you need is an internet connection “WiFi” or MiFi”. There are various things you can do with your smartphone without a SIM card.

How to Activate Android Phone without SIM Card

You can Facebook with it, create a new Gmail account, log into an Instagram account, use the Google search engine, send and receive messages on WhatsApp, and use Skype and SnapChat with it.

As a matter of fact, SIM cards in Android phones only play a minor role but knowing fully that you can use an Android phone without a SIM card and explore it using WiFi or MiFi as the case may be, play the major part.

However, here in this article, I will share with you things I do with my Android phone without SIM cards or cards so that you too can go take your old Android phone that you have removed your SIM card from and start using it.

Meanwhile, if there is anything you use your Android phone without SIM cards for that is not mentioned below endeavour to make use of the comment section to express yourself on how to use an Android phone without SIM cards that best work for you.

All you have to do is to just share your experience with us and we have decided to share ours with you based on things we do with our Android phones without inserting SIM cards.

  • Press the “Power” button on your new or formatted Android phone to turn it on.
  • Select your “Default” language from the options presented to you.
  • Skip the “SIM Card” option and select “WiFi.”
  • Turn on your “WiFi” and make it discoverable to all surrounding devices.
  • Now, select the name of your “WiFi” on your Android phone.
  • Type the “WiFi” password using the onscreen keyboard on your phone.

Your phone should be connected to the internet via the WiFi and you should be able to activate your phone afterwards.

How to Activate an iPhone without a SIM Card

You will need a computer [with iTunes installed on it] to be able to activate your iPhone without a SIM card. It doesn’t matter whether the computer is a PC or a Mac.

  • Power on your “PC.”
  • Launch the “iTunes” application.
  • Connect your “iPhone” to your “Computer” using a USB cable.
  • You may get an alert saying “Set up as New” or “Restore from Backup.”
  • If your iPhone is new then choose “Set up as New” otherwise choose “Restore from Backup” to restore your iPhone backup from your iCloud account.

This technique is confirmed on iOS 13 devices and iOS 17. So, if your device doesn’t support these OS’s it might not work for you. But you can try it to see whether it works or not.

Use Google Voice to Activate your Phone without a SIM Card

Alternatively, when you want to activate your Android phone without a SIM and you need to receive a code to complete the activation you should consider setting up a Google Voice account to activate your phone. So, by taking the steps below you will learn how to set up Google Voice to receive the code to activate your phone.

  • Download and install the “Google Voice” app [with your device connected to the WiFi.
  • Log in to the app with your “Google Account [Gmail].”
  • Choose a “Phone Number.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select “Verify your account with a different phone number.”
  • Type your “Landline” or other “phone number.”
  • Type the “Code” Google Voice sent to your phone number or landline.

Now, the new phone number will be ready and you can use it through the Google Voice platform. However, the limitation is that your phone won’t ring out. Also, Google Voice will default to the other phone number that is used to verify your account but you can always change it from the default.

To change this you need to take the following steps:

  • Open the “Google Voice” app.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Enable the feature “this device” to receive incoming calls.

That is it. Your Android phone will be activated without a SIM card.

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