Facebook Tracking your Location Could be Bad for you… This is how to Turn it Off

Do you know Facebook tracks your location just like Google tracks your location? Don’t be confused, Facebook is fun, you meet people you don’t want to disclose your true location with even if you don’t like to appear anonymous on the social network, but the Facebook location tracker reveals your current location to your Facebook friends. Although, this location tracker on Facebook can be disabled and stop Facebook from using your location whenever you are on Facebook. So, if you want to stop this new Facebook location tracker, you need to dive into your Facebook account settings and disable the feature. However, if you don’t know how to disable Facebook location tracker here is a guide for you to do that.

Also, Facebook recently launched Facebook face recognition to recognize your photo and video easily in a group photo and video. Also, not only that, with the Facebook face recognition you get to know when your photo is uploaded on Facebook by friends and family on the platform. Just like the Facebook face recognition, Facebook photo guard provides the easiest way to lock your Facebook profile picture to restrict all unauthorized access from people to download your profile picture.

With the new Facebook photo guard, you can protect your profile photo and be sure that no one can download it except they only choose to view it and use a third-party tool to screenshot it on your desktop or laptop or on mobiles such as Android and iPhone.

How to Disable Facebook Location Tracker on Android Phones

The secret to turning off Facebook tracking your location on Android is shared below… Follow the procedure to turn off Facebook location tracking on your Android phone and on iPhone device.

1. Launch Facebook Android or iPhone app and log into your Facebook account

2. Click on the more option to the upper right and scroll down to click “Account Settings” under “Help and Settings”

Facebook location tracker

3. Under “Account Settings” click on “Location”

Facebook location tracker

4. In location settings toggle “Location History” and click “OK” on the pop-up.

Disable location tracker

The process to turn off location tracking on Facebook on iPhone and iPad is a bit different from how to turn off Facebook location tracker on Android phones. However, for iPhone and iPad users, here is how to stop Facebook from tracking your location.

How to Disable Facebook Location Tracking on iPhone and iPad

1. Navigate to your iPhone or iPad “Settings” and click on it

2. Click on “Privacy”

3. Click on “Location” and “Facebook” from the pop-up

4. Select “Never” from the list of options

If you follow the above procedures on your iPhone and iPad, Facebook will stop sharing your location to your nearby friends and stop suggesting a nearby Wi-Fi network.

How to Disable Facebook Location Tracker on PC [Laptops & Desktops]

You can also turn off Facebook location tracking feature on your desktops or laptop following a simple step. The following provides details of how to turn off Facebook location on desktop or laptop.

Note: When you disable Facebook location history Facebook will not find your nearby friends and Wi-Fi. The purpose of the location tracker is to be able to find and suggest nearby friends to your that you may know on Facebook and add as a new friend.

If you are using Facebook Android or iPhone app to access your Facebook account you should be able to block Facebook location tracking with the guide above. In case you have issues turning off your location tracker on mobile kindly leave a comment below.

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