How to Screenshot on Huawei

You have different options to take a screenshot on your smartphone all for your convenience and mode. You have at least 5 different methods that you can use to take screenshots on Huawei devices irrespective of the mode you are using. While this is handy, you may have only known you can take screenshots on your Android phones using the power and the volume buttons. So, in this article, I will teach you how to screenshot on Huawei and save it to your phone gallery with different techniques.

Since most of us know that the popular means to screenshot on Android is using the combination of the power button and the volume buttons. We will open your eyes to other possible approaches that you can use.

How to Screenshot on HuaweiHow to take screenshots on Huawei Y9

How to Screenshot on Huawei

Aside from the power button and volume buttons, you can take screenshots on your Huawei phones without the power button. Here are the different approaches to taking screenshots on your Huawei phone screen with or without buttons.

Power and Volum Button

Here are the steps you just need to follow to take screenshots on your Huawei phone using the power and volume buttons.

  • Go to the screen you want to screenshot
  • Press and hold the Power button + Volume down
  • After some seconds you will hear the noise of the shot and the screenshot animation will appear.
  • With the animations, you have a bunch of options such as share, edit, and scroll-shot.
  • To find where the screenshot is saved go to your phone gallery and go to the screenshot folder.

Take a Screenshot with three-fingers

In Huawei phones like Mate 9, P20 Lite, P30 Pro, etc, you can take screenshots by swiping down three fingers on the phone screen and here are the steps.

  • Go to your Huawei phone settings
  • Scroll down and click on Smart Assistance
  • Click on Motion control
  • Tap on the three-finger screenshot
  • Toggle the three-finger screenshot icon ON to enable you to take screenshots on when you draw three fingers on your phone.

Use your Knuckle to Screenshot

You can use your knuckle to take a screenshot on your Huawei phone when you are busy, perhaps while eating.

  • Go to your “Huawei Phone” settings.
  • Select “Accessibility Features.”
  • Choose “Shortcuts & Gestures.”
  • Click on “Take Screenshots.”
  • Enable “Knuckle” if it’s not enabled

Once that is turned on you can then go to the screen you want to screenshot and double-tab the screen with a knuckle to take the screenshot.

Use Shortcut

You can also take screenshots on all your Huawei phones using the shortcut approach. You will make use of the phone quick panel here. Here are the steps to take.

  • Swipe down your “Huawei” phone notification tray.
  • Locate the “screenshot icon” and tap on it. You should see a pop-up that the current screen is screenshot and saved on your phone. However, if the screenshot button isn’t available you can add it via the quick panel settings.

You can add the screenshot shortcut through the steps below if it’s not available on the quick panel.

  • Swipe down your “Phone” notification tray.
  • Click on the “three dots” next to the “Settings” cogwheel.
  • Click on “Edit Tiles.”
  • Go to “More Functions” and tap on the “+” icon to add “Screenshot” to the quick panel.

Use Air Gesture

If you are using any of the P50 or Mate 40 series you should be able to use this air gesture to take screenshots on a Huawei phone. So, with just your gesture your phone can take a screenshot.

  • Go to your “Huawei” phone settings.
  • Click on “Accessibility Feature.”
  • Select “Shortcut & Gestures.”
  • Choose “Air Gesture.”
  • Enable the feature called “Grabshot.”

If the “Grabshot” doesn’t show under the submenu it means that your Huawei phone doesn’t support this and you can’t use it.

When you are done with this, turn on the phone display if it’s off. Now, you want to make sure that your palm is open to half or half open and about half arm’s length from the phone’s front camera above the screen. You can screenshot when you see the hand icon and close your hand to take the screenshot. This can be technical as you need to repeat the process to master it.

Take a Screenshot with your Voice Assistance

You can also use voice assistance to command your phone to take a screenshot of a particular screen.

  • Activate the “Google Assistant” on your phone.  To activate Google Assistant on your phone just say “Hey Google” or press and hold the “Home button.”
  • Say “Take a screenshot.”

You can also use HUAWEI’s Celia voice assistant if you don’t want to use the Google Assistant feature for a similar purpose.

Just say…

  • Hey Celia
  • Take a screenshot.

With these approaches, you should be able to find a suitable way to take a screenshot on your Huawei phone.

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