How to take a Screenshot on Huawei Y9

Let consider how to take screenshots on Huawei Y9. The Huawei Y9 like other Huawei phones has this distinct approach to take screenshots when static and even take scrolling screenshot and take it full.

If you are one of the Huawei Y9 phones gangs, one thing you need to learn on the device is how to take a screenshot without using a screenshot app.

Just the way you can record Huawei Y9 screen you can also take Huawei Y9 screenshot.

You can take a look at how to take a screenshot on your laptop following our previous guide on how to screenshots on a laptop.

The approaches we’ll discuss to take Huawei 9 screenshot in this guide will including taking screenshots on Huawei Y9 with three fingers, pressing volume and power button together, and finally, drag and drop the screenshot clip to the notification tray.

How to take screenshots on Huawei Y9How to take screenshots on Huawei Y9

Take Screenshots on Huawei Y9

If you own a Y9 Huawei phone follow the steps below to take a screenshot on your phone.

  1. Go to the screen you want to screenshot
  2. Press and hold Power button + Volume down
  3. After some seconds you will hear a noise of the shot and the screenshot animation will appear.
  4. With the animations, you have a bunch of options such as share, edit, and scroll-shot.
  5. To find where the screenshot is saved go to your phone gallery and go to screenshot folder.

Take a Screenshot with three-fingers

In Huawei phone like Mate 9, the three-fingers screenshot is called knuckle screenshot. Where you will be able to take both screenshots, scroll-shot, and capture videos when you draw your knuckles on your Huawei mate 9 screen.

  1. Go to your Huawei Y9 phone settings
  2. Scroll down to Smart Assistance
  3. Click on Motion control
  4. Tap on the three-finger screenshot
  5. Toggle the three-finger screenshot icon ON to enable you to take screenshots on when you draw three fingers on your phone.

Take Huawei Screenshot

This is the most common approach to take Huawei screenshots and take other Android phone screenshots.

  1. Swipe down the notification tray
  2. Click on the edit icon before settings
  3. Drag and drop screenshot scissor icon to the top
  4. Go to the page you want to screenshot
  5. swipe down the notification tray and click on the screenshot scissor
  6. A moment after the sound the screenshot animation will appear where you can share directly, edit, and even scroll-shot.

You can take screenshots on Huawei Y9 without using 3rd party apps to take Huawei screenshot.

We are preparing a video on how to take a scroll-shot on Android and Huawei phones in particular. Just stay tuned and subscribe to our email update for next update.

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