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Our first post on cricket on this site was CricBuzz, a website and a mobile app which specialized in cricket live score, games points, cricket teams and players news. Do check it out, CricBuzz has all that it takes to be one of the best websites to follow to learn more about your favorite crickets players and crickets team.

However, we have came to realized that there are a limited articles that revealed much about the second most popular game in the world, cricket, on the best apps to stream cricket live, get cricket live score update, read and get the latest information about cricket each season unlike football, which is the most popular sport in the world.

For this, we have compiled some list of popular websites to follow cricket news, cricket live update, cricket next match and fixture, and also, some reliable apps for stream cricket games live and follow your favorite team cricket live score just like we all do for football, for those of us that love it.

As of 2015, there are over 2.5 billion world populations that follow cricket game which is second to football, the most popular sport in human history.

Cricket Live Score

Best Apps for Cricket Live Score

Here are some of the most downloaded apps to follow cricket games live score on your Android, iOs, and Windows phone.

CricBuzz App & Website

The first and most discussed cricket sports website and the app is CricBuzz. CricBuzz was launched in 2004 by a group of Indian guys and was later sold out in 2014 to Time internet.

CricBuzz app is first on our poll with over 500 million monthly visitors, more than 33,00 Chrome browser plugin download, and over 800,000 Android active users, 250,000 active users on iOS devices and more than a 100,000 Windows phone active users.

CricBuzz, a subsidiary of Time internet Indian, is the world most popular cricket website to follow cricket updates.

Follow the link below to download CricBuzz app to follow cricket game on your Android, iOS, and Windows phone.

Android Phones | iOS Phones | Windows Phones | CricBuzz Website

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo on the hand on its own is a home for both cricket expert and beginners. If you are just starting to learn about cricket, the IPL live score, crickets games schedule and cricket stocks, ESPN Cricinfo is definitely the right place to burn your desire to a fulfillment.

So, if you want to follow cricket live score and cricket games updates, ESPN Cricinfo is a place to learn more and what is trending in the world of the second world most participated games in history.

The moment you launch and visit the cricket website you will see recent and trending information in the world of crickets such as live matches, delayed matches, postponed matches and lote more.

To learn more about ESPN Cricinfo visit the cricket-based website.


You probably have heard about HotStar as a movie site and an online website to stream movies live on PC and on your smartphone. However, HotStar is also a cricket website where you can catch all the glimpse of your favorite cricket teams, news updates, live score, videos, and players updates relating to transfer and injury.

The HotStar section dedicated for cricket games and news include latest updates, cricket live score, and commentaries are updated on live matches so that you can follow the ongoing cricket games update in case you don’t have the privilege to watch it live.

If you miss a video clip you can request for it on HotStar cricket with a premium app. And all of these can be achieved on HotStar mobile app. Yes, you can follow all the sweet games on your smartphone when you download and install the HotStar app and navigate to Cricket section to follow live matches, commentary, live score, and lot more.

You can download the HotStar cricket app below to follow all Cricket games and fixtures on your smartphone.

Android | iOS | HotStar Website


You can catch all the fun that has to do with TV series and sports on this website. The website covers the entire information you need to know on your favorite cricket team and players.

Following this website cricket section, you will learn more about cricket games, best cricket player, cricket batsmen, games fixtures, scores, points on the table, the leading team, commentary, live matches, teams rank, teams rating, and lot more.

Just like other cricket apps to follow live score update, you can also follow live score update on NDTV cricket app for smartphone and you can also visit the cricket website to learn more and read widely on the teams and players you are supporting.

Visit NDTV cricket website.


CricketNext is dedicated to cover all the full gist in the world of cricket and it’s more than a fun when you know who the next batsman is and the next team fixture and your cricket players strength and weakness.

They cover everything about cricket games starting from cricket live score that you have been yawning for, cricket games fixture, games update, live games, schedules, and a whole lot of gist you can’t really wait for in the world of cricket.

Visit CricketNext now.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the bold move to start following your best cricket teams and players using these websites and cricket apps for smartphones.

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