How to Fix Ice Maker not Working

What do you have to do when your ICE maker sop making ice? Well, this article will address all you have to do when your ICE maker not working becomes something you have to live with or when the ice crescent is nothing you can boast of.

Firstly, take note of this warning. Do not be in a hurry to call an ICE maker service company to help you fix your ICE maker machine. This could be what you can handle yourself. Some DIY troubleshooting can resolve your machine to the best. This will not only save you some bulk but it will also ensure that uncertified experts do not tamper with your ICE machine.

It is quite unfortunate that most of us replace ICE machines with our normal refrigerators. Meanwhile, they serve different purposes. Despite the fact that the ICE machine is a simple model to produce only ice based on your preferred sizes.

However, if you are used to it, it can become easy for you to diagnose the machine when it developed some problems and fix it yourself before hiring an ICE machine expert that can cost almost half of the price of the device.

So, for the sake of this article, we will consider the reasons why your ICE maker is not working as expected.

ICE Maker not Working: Reasons

Below are some of the known reasons why your ice maker is not working or the ice cube is not freezing to the maximum. Also, if the ice maker won’t dispense to its container this article will also liberate you of what to do to fix it and ensure that it dispenses enough ice to its container.

Your Ice Maker Freezer Temperature is too High

If you haven’t considered this then you need to. If the temperature is too high your ice maker will not work as it should and the cube will not form as expected.

The temperature of your ice maker should be between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C) if you decided to store food and drink in it. So, when experiencing this, the first thing to check is to confirm that your ice maker condenser coil and fan are working perfectly.

If the condenser coil is clean and the fan is working fine, the temperature should be normal thereby producing the exact cube or ice you are expecting.

However, to control your freezer’s temperature if it’s too high, you can follow the steps below.

  • Remove all debris that is blocking the condenser coils if there is any.
  • Check whether the condenser’s fan is working perfectly. If not then you need to repair it.
  • Check your refrigerator thermostat to confirm whether the temperature is set to colder and check the compartment if it’s properly placed.

ice maker not working

Your ice Maker is not Turned on

Here is another probably you will probably face. If the ice maker is not turning on you won’t be able to specify whether it’s working or not. Meanwhile, if you fail to set up your ice market perfectly, it won’t work as expected.

However, to start with, you need to confide in the ice maker manual to see how to turn on the machine. You can also check the online portal to see what others are saying about your ice maker if the manual failed you.

If you have the Maytag ice maker, you will discover that it turns on and off differently depending on the model that you are using. Unlike some other ice makers, your switch may not be the usual flip button.

So, if you couldn’t find the on and off button for your ice maker you can just refer to the manual to see where it’s located.

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Ice Molds

If your ice maker water supply is bad you will likely see ice molds instead. This could be due to an electrical problem or a mechanical glitch with your refrigerator. With this, you will notice that your ice maker produces powdery ice, a water kind of ice. So, this has to be fixed to get the ice maker back in shape.

At the same time, if the ice maker bump machine is turned off it can stop the machine from producing ice. So, when you notice this the best thing to do is to turn on the ice machine. Ensure you do this with your finger without heavy lifting.

Ice Maker not Dispensing Water

It’s possible for your ice maker to make your ice but failed to dispense water into the bin. This is mainly from your electrical connection or motor. If faulty, you will experience this. At the same time, if the control arm is broken or stuck, it will prevent the machine from working and it will not dispense water into the bin.

To fix the ice maker not dispensing water you need to check whether your refrigerator is connected to the power source and whether the power cable is not damaged. Meanwhile, while checking the cable ensure to disconnect the machine from the power source to avoid electrocution.

Now, disconnect the hose and turn off the water supply. Also, flip the quick-release that is located at the back of your refrigerator and disconnect it from the water source. Once you have confirmed the workability, re-attach the plug and run the water supply through the hose to see whether it’s fixed.

Freezing or Clogged Water Line

Irrespective of the ice maker you are dealing with. Whether it is the one that produces half-sized cubes or the ice maker doesn’t make any, this is an indication of blockage in the ice maker’s water supply line.

This usually occurs if there is frozen water or ice in the plumbing. Meanwhile, your refrigerator water line can freeze. You can either wait for it to de-freeze or open the water valve under the sink to remove the clogged or frozen cube from the water line.

Once the freezes have been unfrozen and the water is drained from the valve the water’s blockage will be cleared and your ice maker will get back to normal.

Meanwhile, the positioning of the water valve varies and depends on the model. So, ensure to check the manual to see how you can remove the water valve to drain the water and firmly fix it back.

Damaged Water Inlet Valve

If your ice maker not working just emerged from nowhere it could be a faulty water inlet valve. Without the inlet valve, your ice maker cannot produce one. So, if it’s damaged or faulty, there is no way the ice machine can produce ice.

If you discovered that it’s damaged, then it means that the pressure the valve is supplying will keep diminishing and eventually stop when the valve is damaged completely.

Therefore, to fix your ice maker if not working due to a faulty inlet valve you want to consider the steps below.

  • Ensure that the water pressure in your valve is between 20psi and 120psi. That is the recommended pressure. If it’s lower you will need a service of a plumber to regulate it. Also, if it’s more than that it could damage the valve so quickly.
  • Check and confirm that the ice maker machine’s electrical connection is well fixed.

Ice Maker Door is Faulty

Yes, if your ice maker door is faulty it could affect the rate at which your water turns to ice and how it dispenses its water to the bin. Your ice water door comprises two different sensors, the arm and the lever.

So, if either the arm or level is at fault, it could create a loophole in the ice machine which will take a longer time to freeze its water. Therefore, to fix this, you need to check whether the door arm or level is damaged and check if it closes perfectly. Ensure that there is no gap between the door and the machine itself.

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