How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

Microsoft has disabled Windows Media Player in Windows 10, so DVDs can only be played when you pay. However, you have a few options. Here we show you how to get your own Windows 10 DVD player to enable you to play all your DVDs on Windows 10.

Video streaming services are all the rage, but many of us still have pretty solid DVD collections. If you put a DVD on your Windows 10 computer, you may experience problems because Windows 10 Media Player does not support regular DVDs. How to play your favorite discs in Windows 10?

No panic. You have a few options. Various PC brands include multimedia software that allows you to play DVDs, although these products are sometimes inherently restricted. Microsoft offers a Windows DVD Player app that allows you to play DVDs on your Windows 10, but it costs $ 15 and has posted several negative reviews.

According to Microsoft, DVDs are an old-fashioned technology that we no longer need. Today’s ultra-thin laptops and tablets don’t even have a DVD drive. According to Microsoft, most people watch movies by streaming them to their computers over the Internet. Or they watch their DVDs on TV.

Also, Microsoft no longer wanted to pay royalties to companies whose patents are required to play DVDs.

Play DVDs On Windows 10 With Third-Party Apps

Play DVDs On Windows 10 With Third-Party Apps

The fact is Windows 10 Player can not play DVDs any longer, but Windows 10 now play DVDs using third-party DVD software by other manufacturers. Most desktop computer manufacturers offer a free trial version of a DVD player. If you like it, you can pay to upgrade to the full version.

Free third-party programs are a better option. Products like VLC Media Player, 5KPlayer, Kodi, Daum’s Pot Player, and Leawo Blu-ray Player can play your DVDs with little noise or discomfort. Let us see your options.

Microsoft Windows DVD player

Microsoft Windows DVD player

The Windows DVD Player app sold in the Microsoft Store is a primary offering, but it works (at least most of the time). You may want to try the 7-day trial version first. To do this, click the ellipsis next to the Buy button and choose Free Trial. However, this free version does not play DVDs. It only shows whether it is compatible with the integrated DVD player on your PC.

You will find in reviews that the DVD player from Microsoft does not get excellent reviews. It has an average of three out of five stars. Many people complain that the app is not working correctly or consistently. Others complain about spending $ 15 on an app that they think should be free.

To open your wallet, download and start the app. Put a DVD plate into the drive and press the Play button. You have access to standard controls such as Play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, volume control, and resizing.

VLC media player

The VLC Media Player is supported by VideoLAN employees and is a versatile media player. You can play music and videos stored on your PC or home network, as well as DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs. VLC Media Player is free, although you can always donate money to develop it.

VLC media player

First, download and install the software from the VideoLAN VLC Media Player website. Start the VLC media player, insert a DVD, and this should accelerate automatically. Otherwise, click Media> Open Disc> DVD and then click the Play button. There are some buttons to control playback.



5KPlayer is complaint to play high-definition media, DVDs, and other online playable materials. With the integrated Apple AirPlay function, you can stream audio and video from your iPhone. You can also embed YouTube videos and other streaming services.

Download, install, and launch 5KPlayer. You’ll be asked to register by entering your name and email address to download videos for free and access Apple AirPlay. Enter the registration code that you received by email, and you’re done.

Insert a DVD into your drive and press the DVD button. Click, OK, and your DVD will play. The on-screen controls let you play, pause, jump forward, rewind, and change the volume. Yes, watching a DVD is so easy. But 5KPlayer is packed with so many other cool features that it is a robust and brilliant media player. He is a winner.


How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

Kodi is a free, open-source program and multi-talent that can process stored videos, music, games, and DVDs. You can even access live TV and radio by connecting a personal video recorder to your computer.

Download and install Kodi on a Windows 10 PC from the program’s download page or the Microsoft Store.

Insert your DVD and open Kodi. From the main screen, select the type of media you want to play and where you want to access it. For DVD, click the Disc option, and your movie or TV show should speed up automatically. Otherwise, click the Read Disc button.

By default, Kodi will play your DVD in full-screen mode, although you can change it through the program settings. Click the screen to display the control panel, and you can pause, pause, continue, go to the next scene, or return to the previous stage.

The program shows you the name of the DVD, the elapsed time and the total time, the current time and the time at which the video ends if you watch it continuously.

After a few seconds, all of this information disappears so that you can enjoy your media files in all their glory. Press the Esc key at any time to access the main menu and Kodi settings. As an example, I wanted to change the default view from full screen to window, which I could do in Settings on the screen.

Daum’s Pot Player

How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

The multimedia program of the residents of Daum, Pot Player, can manage video, audio, DVD, and Blu-ray formats, among other things. The software even supports some types of 3D glasses so you can immerse yourself in 3D videos.

Download and install Pot Player from the website. Select the 32-bit or 64-bit version, depending on the version of Windows 10.

Start the program via the start menu shortcut and insert your DVD. Click the hamburger icon and select Open> Open DVD to turn on your disc. You will find the usual on-screen buttons to control media playback and more.

Leawo Blu-ray player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a free and versatile media player that can process content from Blu-ray discs, DVDs, folders and ISO files. The program is easy to use. Just insert the CD and Leawo should recognize it automatically. Click the disc icon to play it. You can play, pause, pause, fast forward, rewind, and even play videos from your disc.

How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

A disc menu shows all the main titles and sections so that you can jump to a specific title. You can also switch between windowed mode and full-screen mode.

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