How To Tell if your TV is a Smart TV

Technology keeps improving and the competition among Tv brands keeps increasing. Most companies now produce smart TVs as it allows you to access the internet and watch your favourite show through streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Show max, YouTube, and other streaming apps.

To tell if your tv is a smart tv or not then you need to know the differences between a regular tv and a smart tv. A regular tv won’t connect to the internet as it does not have any processing power.

A smart TV has a very wide range of features, as it allows you to have access to the internet. If you have a smart tv you can easily stream videos on demand, play music, and lots more. You can also access your favourite apps, browse through social media, get sports updates and so much more.

Well, I will take you through more steps on how to tell if your tv is a smart tv and how you can convert your regular tv into a smart tv.

How Can I Make My TV a Smart TV

There are various ways in which you use to turn your regular tv into a smart tv, by purchasing either of the following streaming media boxes such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Tivo Stream, Gaming Console, and connecting them through the HDMI port of your tv device.

You can easily browse, download and stream through your favourite apps including youtube, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, etc. on any type of tv. These devices also allow you to listen to music from your favourite music stores like Spotify, or Apple music. However, after purchasing these devices, you need to subscribe to your streaming apps.

What Device Turns your TV into a Smart TV

You can easily turn your regular Tv into a smart Tv by connecting a streaming device or gaming console to your Tv’s HDMI port. These devices will allow you to have access to the internet on your smart tv. However, we will show you the best options to turn your regular tv into a smart one.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Purchase an Amazon Fire TV stick, if you are an Amazon Prime Subscriber. It is quite easy to set up and it stays hidden. Plug it in behind your TV set and put a turn on the TV. Then connect it to the internet and have it all set up with your remote control.

Using the Amazon fire Tv sticks gives you access to lots of movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Peacock, and you can also listen to lots of songs, although subscription fees may apply.


Roku is one of the best and one of the cheapest options to convert your regular tv to a smart Tv. Their product is quite affordable and easy to use as it comes with a manual guide and with lots of other features. All Roku streaming devices support Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max, Roku Channel, and lots of other packages. You can connect your regular tv with a Roku streaming stick or Streaming Stick 4K+  with a Roku player.

Apple TV 4k

Apple TV 4K allows you to connect your Apple device to a regular tv through an HDMI port. You can choose how you want to watch, whether on your TV, on your Apple devices, or on the web. Also, it supports streaming devices such as Roku, Fire Tv, Android Tv, and Google Tv.

Smart Android TV

You can connect your regular tv set with an Android Tv box through your Tv’s HDMI port. A Smart android tv box is quite affordable and can be used on all streaming platforms. Its supported streaming platforms include Hulu, Prime Video, HBO max, Spotify, apple tv, and much more. It also supports live TVs including apps and games.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast will cast your regular Tv with Google tv by fixing it through your tv HDMI port. It Supports a wide range of streaming apps such as Netflix, Peacock, Apple Tv, sling, Prime Video, Youtube, Espn, and lots more.

Tivo Stream 4k

Tivo Stream 4k is a media streamer that lets you search, browse and create watch lists across all of your apps. It supports a variety of streaming apps and free content with Tivo+.

Gaming Consoles

All modern Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles also allow you to stream the internet on your regular tv devices. You can watch Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, Apple TV+, and lots more on many of Xbox and PlayStation’s latest models.

You can find Apple TV and other similar apps in the Media Hub on PS5 or in the TV & Video section on PS4.
You can also find and download the Apple TV app from the Xbox Store.

What Does a Smart Tv Do That a Regular TV Doesn’t

There are lots of things a smart tv can do as it comes with a wide range of features.

  • You can browse the Web.
  • Watch videos on various streaming apps including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, Apple TV+, ESPN, and lots more.
  • Listen to Music from streaming apps including Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • It has Higher Definition (HD) and Ultra Higher Definition (UHD) quality in terms of Images, graphics, and sound.
  • It supports Internet WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • It also comes with an Ethernet connection which is faster, reliable, and more secure than a WIFI connection.
  • It Uses an all-in-one remote control.

How To Tell If Your Tv has Wi

How To Know if TV Has WIFI

It is easy to know if your Tv set enables wifi, as most smart TVs support internet WIFI.

If your TV enables the use of internet WIFI there would be a WIFI Alliance logo on the box and most times you will see it at the bottom of the screen on the base of the television. Also In your settings menu, you will find a network connection or Wi-Fi Setup section.

You can also simply google search your TV’s model number as it will come up with its specifications and features.

How Do I Know If I Can Stream On My TV

The best way to know if you can stream on your tv or not is to first check your tv manuals or check for its features and specifications. This will help you to determine if your TV is a smart tv or not.

Once it is a smart tv, you can browse, download and stream the internet through your tv. Then if it’s a regular tv you can follow the few steps we mentioned in “How to tell if your tv is a smart tv” and also turn your regular tv into a smart tv.

In conclusion, “How to tell if your tv is a smart tv” or not is simple. All smart tv allows you to browse, download and stream through the use of the internet.

They come with an inbuilt internet WIFI connection to access your favourite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, peacock, Disney plus, ESPN, Spotify, and much more. Smart TVs’ enhancement engine provides better image quality and Breathtaking graphics effects. Also, It is powered by a Higher definition panel and excellent light transmission.

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