How to Skip a Month on JustFab

JustFak Skip the Month

JustFab skip the month or skip the month JustFab is a feature on JustFab to make sure that you are not charged on the 6th of every month when selected between 1st and 5th of every month.

You can skip the month on JustFab at any time and request a refund of your JustFab VIP subscription for the moment. You can even cancel your JustFab VIP if you are too busy to log in to your JustFab account and click on “Skip a Month” on your JustFab account homepage.

At the moment, you either choose the “JustFab skip the month” on your account on the official website or using JustFab mobile app. You can reach out to JustFab on phone to “skip the month”. However, skip the month on JustFab is currently not available on voicemail or email.

JustFab skip a month allow JustFab VIP to save for the month that is why the option to skip a month JustFab comes early every month.

On the 6th, JustFab charges the credit card that is linked to your JustFab VIP membership account.JustFak Skip the Month

How to Skip a Month on JustFab

JustFab skip a month button helps you to skip a month on JustFab. So, if you are struggling with “how to skip a month on JustFab” here is a guide for you.

1. Log in to your JustFab account on This is applicable to skip a month on JustFab UK as well. Make sure you are logged in to your account on JustFab.

2. Under the user welcome information click on the “skip a month button.”  You can click on the learn more for more information.

3. On the new interface, JustFab would want to keep you. However, tap on “I’m sure, continue to skip” button to proceed.

4. A message will appear that you have successful “skip a month on JustFab” as well as an email confirming to you that you have skipped the month and you will not receive the usual JustFab box for the month.

We believe that you now know how to skip a month on JustFab without being charged or request for “JustFab skip the month” refund that you failed to initiate.

How to Skip a Month on JustFab App

For JustFab mobile app users here is how I do skip a month on JustFab using the app.

  • Open the JustFab mobile app on your phone [Android or iPhone].
  • Log in to your account with your JustFab login.
  • Click on Account >> Account info.
  • Tap “Skip the month” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “I’m sure, continue to skip.”
  • Done.

Now, your JustFab skip the month will be skipped and no charges will be carried out on your JustFab VIP credit card.

This is how to skip a month on JustFab without calling.

JustFab Skip the Month on Phone

With JustFab skip the month phone number you can call JustFab customer service to skip a month for you on your JustFab account.

How to skip a month on JustFab calling is to call 1-866-337-0906 any time of the day between 1st and 5th of every month.

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