How to Download Videos Uploaded to Quora Question & Answer Website

Quora “Question & Answer” website introduced a new feature to upload a video on the platform for marketing strategy. Quora is one of the best platforms for internet marketers and to drive direct traffic to blogs and website providing answers to questions.

In the past years, before Quora added to its feature to share videos on the platform there has been a lot of questions with hundreds of answers on how to download videos from any website including YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook and other video sharing website.

However, there hasn’t been a single guide on how to download Quora video. For that reason, here in this post, I will share with you the simple steps to follow to download videos from Quora on Chrome browser.

Meanwhile, before now I have shared on this platform how to download YouTube videos, how to download Facebook videos, how to download Instagram videos, how to download Twitter videos and lot more.

How to Download Videos Uploaded to Quora “Question & Answer Website

The easiest way to download Quora video is using a computer web browser plugin or extension. As it were, they’re various downloader plugin to download videos from different website, however, in the case of Quora video, Video Downloader Professional is the best browser extension to grab videos that are uploaded by you or by someone else either to the user profile or from the website question and answer section.

1. Download and install “Video Downloader Professional” Chrome or Mozilla for or depending on the browser you are using.

2. Open the browser you installed your Video Downloader Professional” and visit Quora where you want to download the video.

3. Click on “Video Downloader Professional” and click on the download button to start downloading

How to download video uploaded to Quora

In some cases, the video download plugin may not be able to identify the video on the Quora page that you wanted to download. However, the only solution is to restart the browser and try again.

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