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WhatsApp Version 2.17.430 Download for Android Phone

WhatsApp rolled out another version of WhatsApp called version 2.17.430 following the recent update that WhatsApp was down globally on the 30th, Nov. 2017. However, the new WhatsApp version 2.17.430 comes featuring a new WhatsApp features.

Long before now, we rumored that WhatsApp next update would change and upgrade WhatsApp group administrator’s right where Administrator may decide to block a user from participating in the ongoing chat. And also, give a WhatsApp group admins the right to disable WhatsApp for a period of time, not more than 72 hours which happens to be WhatsApp database reset time.

WhatsApp version 2.17.430

However, the new WhatsApp version 2.17.430 also come along featuring the WhatsApp lock recording feature to lock WhatsApp mic when recording using WhatsApp voice call feature. The WhatsApp lock feature which is currently trending on iOS is still in Beta version for Android users so not all users can use the feature now.

Also, the Beta version 2.17.430 also support picture-in-picture in WhatsApp and also support in WhatsApp YouTube video player as rumored to come in next WhatsApp update. The new WhatsApp update is not only about the features it also helps to fix some noticeable bugs in WhatsApp that often time causes bad user experience and perhaps shutting the app down globally once a while.

As at the time of publishing this article, the WhatsApp administrator restriction feature is still in Beta, some users are still testing it out. So don’t be stressed out if you couldn’t find this in your WhatsApp version 2.17.430 as the feature is disabled by WhatsApp itself.

But pending the time the feature will be released, you should rock the WhatsApp 2.17.430 play YouTube inside WhatsApp and lock recording feature of the app. We gather from a reliable source that the next WhatsApp update will come with these features and you will be able to execute them.

Before you can get the Android WhatsApp 2.17.430 Beta version you must have subscribed to WhatsApp Beta otherwise you have to wait until the official release date of the new WhatsApp.

For Android user check Google store on your Android app where there is a WhatsApp update available so you can enjoy the new  2.17.430 version features. And, also iOS users shouldn’t bother to download the latest WhatsApp version 2.17.430 as it’s already rolled out to users on the platform.

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