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How to Save YouTube Video Thumbnail with Grabber

When you see a YouTube thumbnail that looks catchy do you grab them with thumbnail grabber or you let them go and use a thumbnail maker to create your own YouTube video thumbnail? Well, if you are not good at using photoshop to create a good looking thumbnail for your YouTube videos and you can’t hire a professional logo creator to help you create a normal thumbnail size which is 1280×720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels) for each of your YouTube video, you’d probably love this YouTube thumbnail grabber with normal thumbnail size as your video thumbnail.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to use YouTube thumbnail grabber to grab thumbnails from YouTube but it does cost some time to enable thumbnail feature on new and old YouTube channel.

An unverified YouTube account will not enjoy the additional feature on YouTube to use a custom thumbnail. So, as a vblogger that needs to build his audience from start, verify your YouTube channel, use custom thumbnail created with photoshop or paint or grab one from your favorite on YouTube. Meanwhile, if you don’t how to enable YouTube custom thumbnail, here is a guide I published on this site ” How to enable YouTube custom thumbnail“.

During my research, I found more than enough online tools to grab thumbnails from YouTube videos, however, here I’d not go to the list of thumbnail grabber for YouTube but if you are interested in that just type “YouTube Thumbnail Grabber” without quotes and you will see a lot of them.

YouTube Thumbnail Grabber: How to Grab YouTube Thumbnails

Here are the simple procedures to follow to grab YouTube thumbnail for free and use it as your own video thumbnail.

1. Visit YouTube on any browser and grab the “YouTube video URL” you want to download its thumbnail

YouTube thumbnail grabber

2. Open a new tab on your browser and visit “YouTube Thumbnail Grabber” site here

3. Paste the YouTube video link you grabbed from above into the thumbnail grabber column

4. Right-click on the “thumbnail” and select “Save as”

The YouTube thumbnail will be saved to your computer folder. Most times, it saves to desktop or pre-select location on your computer. With this guide, you should be able to save any YouTube thumbnail to your device and use it as your own YouTube thumbnail.

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