How to Remove Made with Videoshow Watermark

Made with Videoshow is the watermark you see at the bottom of every video you created with video show app. The watermark is an indication that you are using a free video show app version.

If you are using the premium version you can change the made with video show watermark at the bottom to a customized watermark that defines your brand.

The watermark makes your brand reach out to more audience that is why the video show add developer added it to all free version. However, if you want to remove made with video show watermark, there are some tricks you can use.

If you don’t want to use tricks to remove the watermark from the videoshow app you then need to upgrade to the premium version and the watermark will be subjecting to removing and be able to add a customized watermark to the spot.

However, here in this guide, we’ll put your through procedures to remove the made with videoshow watermark at the button of all the video created using the video show app on your Android phone.

If you are using the Viva video app, here is a guide to removing made with Viva video watermark.

How to Remove Made with VideoShow

The popular approach to use is using the Luckypatcher APK app to remove the lock access by re-creating the app. With this app, you can modify the video show app.

If you have ever edited APK app before you’d know how exactly the Luckypatcher app works to modify video show app to remove paid access from the app and turn it to free to use.

  1. Download and install the free Video Show from the play store. Ignore any option that says upgrade to Video show pro.
  2. Download and install Lucky Patcher APK app.
  3. Click on the Lucky Patcher App icon on your phone.
  4. Find the Video Show app and click on it when you see it.Made with VideoShow
  5. Click on “Open menu of patchesMade with VideoShow
  6. Find and click on “APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulationAPK rebuilt
  7. Tick “Support patch for InApp emulation” box.Support patches
  8. Click on the Rebuild The App to make changes.
  9. The patching process will beginMade with VideoShow
  10. Click OK when the patching is completed.VideoShow patched
  11. Exit the lucky patcher app.
  12. Launch the Video Show app from your phone menu.Made with Video Show
  13. You will see a cross icon of the watermark in your video.
  14. Click on watermark icon to get an option to purchase or buy the app.Made with VideoShow watermark
  15. Click on 0.88
  16. Lucky Patcher will open automatically and asked whether you want to purchase the app.
  17. Click on YES from the popup.
  18. Repeat the same for 0.78

Once you have carried out the above steps restart the video show app or you can even restart your phone if you don’t have an unsaved work on your phone.

With this, the made with VideoShow watermark would have been removed and you will be able to use it without watermark. However, the watermark may resurface once again IF you upgrade to the latest version.

If it does, then, you have to follow the whole procedures again to remove the watermark. You have to do this each and every time you upgrade the Video Show app since each upgrade will override any settings that tamper with the app developers’ settings.

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