How to Use AppScope Progressive Web App

AppScope is a progressive web app to use all mobile app on the web and mobile browsers. With AppScope you can start exploring phone apps on web browsers without connecting the phone with your web browser.

With AppScope you no longer need to download all apps on your phone. This progressive web app allows direct access to all mobile app on the web page. No need to download AppScope or using AppScope APK on phone.

The App Scope works like WhatsApp web where you can access WhatsApp on your computer when your mobile WhatsApp is sync with the web WhatsApp. However, App Scope doesn’t require any installation or download.

Being a progressive web app, all you need to do is launch a browser and find the app you want to access without installing the app on your phone and you will be able to make use of the app as if it’s on your mobile.

AppScope group apps into categories for easy access for users to be able to navigate the web app page for app quick access.


Why PWAs Over Native App

I know you have a hundred questions is running through your mind why you should not abandon the native app and start using progressive web apps. It will make no sense if there is no reason to back it up why you should use PWAs over native apps. However, here are some reasons why AppScope progressive web app and other PWAs will take over native apps any time soon.

  •  There is no need to download an app before you can use them including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. while the native app does
  • PWAs don’t require a huge memory to use, unlike the native apps. WhatsApp, Facebook, and other mobile apps use a lot of memory to work while progressive web app doesn’t
  • You can never run out of phone storage using PWAs
  • PWAs like AppScope help limit apps addiction.
  • You will have access to all popular apps in one place that you don’t have the privilege to install on your phone.

There are more of them. The progressive web app is the way forward to stop the mobile app addiction.

How to Install App Scope PWA

PWAs are different from native apps. Therefore, the way PWA works is different from the way the native apps work. You do not need to install PWAs on your phone whether it’s on iOS or an Android.

However, instead of installing the PWA on your phone, you will be prompt to add the web page to your phone home screen for quick access.

How to Add PWA to Home Screen on Android

Since it is not possible to install PWA on iPhone or Android. Here is how to add the progressive web app to the iOS and Android home screen.

  • Visit your favorite PWA site on your mobile browser. For Android users, you can use Chrome or Opera or Mozilla.
  • Click on the more option to the top right and select “Add to Home Screen”
  • Done

The PWA will be added to your home screen for quick access

Add PWAs to Home Screen on iOS

For iOS users, here is how to add the AppScope PWA to your iPhone home screen to be able to access the web app with a click.

  • Visit “” on your Safari browser
  • Tap the arrow up icon in the browser
  • Scroll down the interface and click on “Add to Home Screen”
  • Done

The PWA will be added to your iOS Home Screen and you will be able to launch it from there with a single click.

Use the AppScope Progressive Web App

There is no need to download AppScope or any App Scope APK to use the progressive web app on mobile. However, for a quick move on how to use App Scope without downloading any app from the internet on your and keep your phone storage up and running here is how to use the progressive web app.

Note: You are required to have an internet connection when you want to use the App Scope to launch a mobile app without installing it.

  • Launch your phone browser and visit
  • iPhone users should use Safari while Android users can use any browser ranging from UC Web browser, Opera Mini, Firefox, etc.
  • Check through the list of apps and click on the app you want to use
  • The app link will open in a new tab click on launch app
  • Wait for the app to load completely in the new tab

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