How to use AirDroid to Transfer and Receive Files on iPhone/iPad or Android and PC

AirDroid is a new technology based on Airmirror developed by Sand Studio to send and receive files between devices on the same network without a physical connection. The Airmirror serve as a means in which the AirDroid file transfer application work.

The AirDroid app lets you transfer files such as videos, pictures, photos, etc from one phone to another or from a phone to a computer without using either a Bluetooth connection or USB cable.

The wireless transfer app works on devices that are on the same WiFi connection. This post will not thoroughly review the AirDroid app. However, the post will detail how to download AirDroid on Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows and Mac computer.

AirDroid works more perfectly on Android compared to the iPhone or iPad. This doesn’t stop the AirDroid iOS from working. However, the best feature of the file transfer app is best seen on Android phone.

AirDroid for Android

You can download Airdrop for Android from the Google play store on your phone. Make sure you download the newest version.

Airdroid for iPhone or iPad

The official AirDroid for iPhone or iPad is available for download in the app store. However, enter your login information when you are prompted to download the file transfer app.

AirDroid APK Download

APK is a mod version of an app. The mod works similarly to the original app. And it’s different from lite. However, to download AirDroid mod and install it on Android you need to enable install from unknown sources so that you will not run into the APK app might contain unsafe contents.

AirDroid Web

AirDroid web is the unique feature of the file transfer app that allows you to use the file transfer platform using a web-based application to transfer files from your phone to another phone or computer. However, to use the AirDroid app you first need to log into your AirDroid account.

Create an AirDroid Account

You are required to create an account to use either AirDroid free or AirDroid paid which cost $1.99 a month (or $1.67/month for a year). For the same of this article, we’ll create the account on PC.

1. Open your computer browser and visit the site at

2. Click on the sign up to the top right cornerSignup AirDroid

3. Fill the registration form and make sure you use an active email for the verification code.Registration form

4. Log into your email address and enter the AirDroid verification code and then click on the Next button.Enter AirDroid verification code

After the procedures above you will be taken to your account dashboard which contains your information. However, you are allowed to change your email address and login username from your account dashboard.

Install Desktop Client

The desktop client work on both Windows and Mac computer. However, before you can install the desktop client directly from the website you must create an AirDroid account.

You can create the account on your phone using the AirDroid app and you can also create the account on your computer at the desktop client interface.

Link Mobile Phone to Web App

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Enter your email address and the password (if you have created an AirDroid account) otherwise tap the create an account. You can use the Scan QR code to sign in with your phone. If you are not scared of whom you share your data with login with Facebook or Google Twitter. However, to manage your Facebook data check out the new Off-Facebook activity settings.Login AirDroid Web

3. Read the privacy policy before you continue and click on the Get Started.

Privacy Policy

4. Tap on AirDroid >> Me >>Sign in >>Refresh >>OK

Web AirDroid

AirDroid web will show your phone on the web which indicates that you have successfully linked the two devices together.

Download files from Android and iPad or iPod to PC

Once you have connected your phone to your PC with the web AirDroid it’s very easy to download multiple files to your PC very fast.

1. Go to on your browser

2. Sign into your AirDroid account on your phone and on the PC you want to download multiple files.

3. Go to the folder and select all the files you want to download and click on the download button.Download multiple files

All the selected files will be downloaded and saved in the predefined folder in your computer. However, you can change the storage destination. You can even create a new folder for the file to avoid a miss up.

Transfer files from PC to Android or iPhone/iPad

In a similar way that you do for phone you can also transfer from your PC to your Android or iPhone/iPad.

1. Go to the web client for Windows or Mac and log into your account with your email and the password.

2. Select the directory you want to upload the files or videos or apps to from the interface and click on the upload button.

3. Select all the files you want to move and upload it. Wait for as long as the file is moving from your PC to your phone to finishing uploading the file to your phone.

Once the uploading is done, the files will be accessible on your phone directory.

The IP address also works as web access for the AirDroid Windows and Mac client. However, it’s important that both devices are on the same WiFi network to establish connection between the two devices.

Transfer files from phone to phone

To transfer files from phone to phone using the AirDroid iPhone/iPad or Android app, the app must be installed on the second phone you want to either copy files from or transfer files to.

1. Both of you must download and install the app on your phone and log into your accounts.

2. Navigate to Transfer >> Nearby >> Tap to search

3. All available device that are within your reach with the app installed will be indicated.

4. Tap on the device name to access, send, and copy files from the device.

The AirDroid is a cool platform that allows users to transfer huge files from phone to PC and upload to phone from PC. However, the free version limited the feature but for personal use, the free version will go along way to save you from the headache of transferring huge files from your phone to your Windows or Mac computer.

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