How to Unpublished Articles on Facebook Audience Network

There are many ways to make money online. Facebook Audience network through the Facebook instant article is one of the conventional ways that is currently gaining popularity. I have read an article about a young guy who made $22000 from Facebook audience network ads alone. Trust me, there is no magic in making money online.

There is no shortcut to success. If you know what works keep doing it you will hit a milestone one day. But you cannot keep doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result. However, If you have tried Google AdSense and you got kicked out, you tried some Google AdSense alternatives none converts like AdSense you may want to monetize your content with Facebook audience network.

Lately this weekend, I started monetizing my Facebook traffic with audience network within my Facebook instant article and I’ve started getting a conversion and a good result with my earning. However, before we share with you how to make money from Facebook without running advert or sell a product on Facebook, you need to understand the fact that Facebook offers a monetization method.

The Facebook audience network is just like Google AdSense. The advantage of Audience network ahead of Google is you stand a chance not to get banned like Google does. However, there is a point to take note here.

When you monetize your content with Facebook audience network all Facebook app traffic will not be redirected to your website or blog unless you unpublished the content from your dashboard.

Once you account for Facebook audience network is approved and you now have your content converted to an instant article once published on Facebook all traffic coming from Facebook mobile will not be redirected to your website rather opened straight on the Facebook instant article just like Google AMP feature.

If you want to redirect Facebook traffic to your website you have to unpublish the article directly from your Facebook account publishing tools under production articles.

How to Unpublished Articles on Facebook Audience Network

In our next article on Facebook instant article we will share with you exact process to create Facebook audience network account, how to submit your old article for approval without creating a new article, how to let Facebook sync all your new post into instant article once published on your blog, and how to start making money with Facebook as well as Google AdSense using the same blog.

Note: The purpose of this article is for you to be able to drive Facebook traffic to your AdSense website if you are running a Facebook advert. Otherwise, all Facebook traffic that is supposed to be coming to your AdSense money site will be redirected to your Facebook instant article page once you integrated it.

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click on the fan page you used for your Facebook audience network ads approval. While on the page click on publishing tools.

Facebook Audience Network

2. If you already have a FAN account you will be taken to your published article page and all the information you need to know concerning your account. Now, to unpublished a publish article navigate to production articles under instant articles and click it.

Facebook audience network

3. Here you will see all your published article on Facebook instant article feature. To now unpublished published a post on Facebook instant article search for the post and tick it. Now navigate to where you see action and click on the drop menu to select unpublish.

Facebook audience network

This will unpublish the post from the Facebook instant article. All traffic coming to the post will be redirected to your blog.

To run a successful Facebook campaign when you have Facebook audience network that fetches you more money from Facebook instant articles ads you need to unpublish the post otherwise all traffic will be directing to your Facebook instant article page.

Next, on Facebook instant articles and audience network, we will share with you how to monetize your blog with FAN and make money with Facebook.

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