How to Enable YouTube Premiere and Monetize it with AdSense

YouTube premiere is a new YouTube features that let YouTube subscribers and the video uploader (s) to watch the same video at a time. This is more like seating together to watch a live stream on YouTube.

You don’t need a YouTube stream key to enable YouTube premiere feature and have all your viewers on the same page with your next YouTube video.

You no longer need to go live on YouTube when it’s not convenient. What you need to do is know how to use the YouTube premiere.

If you have the Facebook premiere feature enabled then this will just be an additional upgrade to make sure all your YouTube viewers watch your upload at the same time.

If you are struggling with how to enable this feature from your YouTube channel here is a quick recap of how to enable Premiere YouTube feature.

Who can Use Premiere YouTube?

The first thing you want to know is that Premiere YouTube is not restricted to any YouTuber. However, if you, only a YouTuber can use the Premiere YouTube feature.

Only those with a YouTube channel whether with huge subscribers or no subscribers at all you can use the new feature to schedule YouTube posts.

It’s also another way for different organization to make sure all the company’s staff watch a specific presentation and make sure no one is missing a single scene.

This feature is mostly useful if you are releasing a paid video on YouTube via the YouTube premium channel to make sure all your subscribers get to know about the information at the same time.

Enable YouTube Premiere

Now, to set up your YouTube premiere feature follow these procedures…

1. Log in to your YouTube account with your Gmail username and password.

2. Click on the video upload icon to the top-right of your YouTube profile picture or icon if you have not set your YouTube channel profile picture.

3. Select the video you want to schedule and watch with your viewers at the same time.

4. Toggle on premiere to the right-side

YouTube premiere

5. The video publishes button will change to premiere. To premiere click on premiere now.

Premere YouTube

Premiering your YouTube video is similar to scheduling YouTube video to a specific date and time. Instead of publishing your video straight away once uploaded you can just premiere it to be published at a specific time.

Premiering YouTube Video

Premiering YouTube video is equivalent to scheduling YouTube video. But, when you want to personally schedule YouTube video the premiering feature does not necessarily need to be active.

1. Go to

2. Under premiere select schedule from the drop menu containing public, private, unlisted, and scheduled.

3. Once the video is uploaded successfully toggle premiere

4. Select the date and time you want your YouTube video to be premiered.

5. Once everything is done click on premier where publish button was before premiering.

Note that you cannot premiere your video on YouTube if the video output is greater than 1080p. 

How Premiere YouTube Works

If you have put the above settings in place you should be expecting your video to start premiering when the set time and date reach. However, before the video starts premiering here is what you should know.

1. YouTube create a public page when the time to premiere your video is about to start.

2. A tune-in notification will be automatically sent to all viewers that turn-on subscriber notification bell 30 minutes prior the premiere time.

3. When the video is about to start premiering another notification is sent to all participant to get ready.

4. Once the video starts premiering you will be able to interact with your viewers, live chat, reply to comments instantly, super chat features, etc.

You and your viewers can pin comments so that you can easily refer to the comment.

Finally, when the video is premiering viewers will be able to follow the video and can scrub the video forward. But,… They can’t scrub backward in case they miss concentrating fully.

Just like Facebook live chat or stream viewers will be able to count the total number of viewers while premiering.

Monetize Youtube Premiere

If your channel is monetized before you don’t have anything to lose while premiering video on your channel. You will be able to set up automatic ads on your video called pre-roll ads during premiere and midroll.

However, everything will return back to normal once the video is done premiering and all your ads will be rolling out normally are pre-set.

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