The Home Depot Review and Overview

Recently, I was searching for a shipping location close to my area and home decor service when I found Home Depot service during the working hour. It was quite unfortunate that Home Depot isn’t available in my location after taking all extra hours to make sure I got myself familiar with what the company offers. It was really amazing!

We have all engaged in shipping goods online either locally or internationally, where you pay for a product and the product will be shipped directly to your house and some agent will help you fix it if you can pay for the service. The agent could be the shipper if included in the agreement or another person who know how to fix it.

Let say, you bought an air-conditioner online and you do not know how to fix it. You’d either contact an agent that fixes air-conditioners if it’s not included in your agreement when you made the purchase or call for another service providers that are specialized in installing electronics items like air-conditioners, flat screen TV, ceiling fans, etc,

This is mainly what Home Depot does. When you log into Home Depot website you simply make a request for their service and pay up their service charge. In no time, a group of representatives from the company will arrive at your location based on the information provided whether during chatting with the sales rep or a customer representative.

The relevance of creating the is to help people fix their homes properties problems like carpentry works, electronic works, and many more.

Home Depot

Home Depot Promo Code

You can enjoy a home depot promo code when you want their request for their service to come to your place, whether home or office to come and help you fix your items. However, you can enjoy up to 30% discount during a promotional period which is often a festive period or during a special celebration to attract more customers.

Although, currently, there is no valid promo code for any Home depot service, yet you can still enjoy the serenity of their service.

Home Depot Review

The first thing to do when you want to hire a service online is to make yourself familiar with the customers’ review. With over 18,000 Home depot review on Glassdoor, from customer and workers who work full-time and part-time with the company, you’d want to believe with me that the positive review worth a million dollar for the company to triumph and without a fear to higher them for a home service delivery.

Check out some of Home Depot Reviews Below

  • I have been working at The Home Depot part-time (Less than a year)


I really love the people I work with. The managers are great, my co-workers are nice and helpful. My general manager is the most helpful manager I have ever worked with, he is never in the office he is ALWAYS on the floor!! The pay is good too, I get $11 an hour. Good for being a student. Benefits are amazing also.


Cons include the hours. In order to be full time, you MUST have open availability. No exceptions. So I had to work part-time. But, they schedule so weirdly so I don’t get that many hours (at my store, all stores are different).

It can get frustrating watching people steal because we aren’t allowed to stop shoplifters. They schedule only one person to open and to close and you’re by yourself for hours. It can get so busy and backed up, it is stressful at times.

If you can’t lift heavy don’t work here because you have to lift a LOT and you have to be on your feet constantly.

Also, we basically have to return everything. Someone can walk in without a receipt, a product that was clearly used, and return it because we have “Hassle” free returning. People take advantage of us.

Advice to Management

I suggest scheduling more people. People will get more hours, but also help around the store will be better. And be more strict about the return policy. And also, hire an asset protection guy so he can tackle them in the parking lot. Thanks.

  • I worked at The Home Depot part-time (More than 5 years)


Flexible schedule, everyone works as a team, bonus every 6 months


No full-time, Management doesn’t appreciate employees who work hard.

Advice to Management

Appreciate employees who work hard.

  • I have been working at The Home Depot part-time (Less than a year)


Very lenient on scheduling if you have an outside life, great people to work with (for the most part) and overall very educational.


Mostly just customers that swear they work at home depot and know more than us, I deal with that stupidity all the time and it gets irritating.

Advice to Management

Nothing really, my managers are great.

  • I worked at The Home Depot part-time (Less than a year)


Teamwork, Flexible Schedule, Management is awesome, tuition reimbursement. It all depends on you and how you prove yourself.


Nothing depends on your mentality. Usually, a lot of lazy people hate HD.

Advice to Management

Keep doing what you’re doing. Hawthorne store 0620 WOOO!

They’re over 18k Home Depot reviews to guide you on the pros and cons of the company. However, these reviews are copied from Glassdoor, so, for full access to all the 18k reviews, please go to Glassdoor Home Depot review page. For a complete overview of Home Depot, stock, customer service, and workshop for kids, check out this Wikipedia page.

For full access, you will be required to either sign if you already have a Glassdoor account or sign in with either your Gmail or Facebook, and you can create a Glassdoor account using the signup option.

Home Depot Location

There are many apps to find and track your route to locate Home Depot without wandering around before you get to the company’s head office. However, for African countries, you’d properly not have access to as it’s out of our region. But, you can, with the use of VPN and proxy server to order for services and order appliances from the leading company.

Here are some apps to track your location to Home Depot office.

  • Google Map: This is an app by Google to find a specific location
  • Navigation app: You can also use this app to find Home Depot location
  • My Location: All you need to do using my location is type your destination address and home depot office address to find your way to the company
  • Glympse: This app enables you to share your current location with friends and family with just a click. Once you have gotten the Home Depot location you can simply share with your friends and family to know where it’s located.

With over 406,000 employees in the United State, Home Depot is a choice of most United State citizen to work either as a full-time employee or a part-time employee.

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