Airy YouTube Videos Download Review

Airy is a tool to download YouTube videos on Windows, Mac, and convert YouTube videos to MP3 across all Windows and MacOS version.

As we all know that you cannot download YouTube videos without a 3rd party tool. The way YouTube is designed, users are not allowed to download videos from the platform as MP3 or MP4.

However, the Airy YouTube downloader tool for Windows and MacOS computer, you can download YouTube videos, convert the YouTube to MP3 and MP4.

Airy is one of the few limited tools for Windows to grab YouTube videos as MP4 and convert to MP3. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Airy tool and how to download YouTube videos with the YouTube download tool.

Features of Airy YouTube Videos Downloader

Before we presented the Airy tool before you, we have used the tool to download YouTube videos and we can say of its features and benefits to grab your favorite videos from YouTube and save it as MP4 or MP3 depending on your choice.

However, the following features are what we discovered that the tool is capable of doing when it comes to download YouTube videos and convert the video to MP4/MP3 on Windows and Mac computer.

Download entire YouTube channels or categories

This YouTube videos downloader makes the job very easy for you to do with a single-click. The tool can be used to download an entire YouTube channel with a single move.

When you are subscribed to a particular channel on YouTube you can download the entire videos in the channel once you grab the channel URL, move to Airy tool, paste the channel URL, and begin to download.

Download YouTube videos in HD and Ultra-HD

Most YouTube videos downloader app only support HD videos download, but, the Airy tool works differently. It allows you to download YouTube videos in Ultra-HD.

With this feature, you will be able to download YouTube videos in the highest video quality you can ever imagine. Instead of settling down for 4k video resolution you can simply go for 8k video resolution with this downloader.

Download Restricted videos from YouTube Channel

There are some YouTube videos you cannot download ordinary if at all you are using a 3rd party tool due to the owners’ restriction. However, with the Airy tool there is nothing like that.

There is no limit to videos you can download from YouTube whether the video is blocked from downloading or restricted from downloading. The Airy tool bypasses the restriction placed on any video and allows you to download it.

Download YouTube Subtitle

Another feature of the Airy tool YouTube video downloader you can’t take for granted is the option to download YouTube subtitle from YouTube.

It’s one of its features that you can download YouTube videos as audio and MP4, it’s another feature that you can easily download YouTube subtitle in SRT format that is supported by almost all video media player.

Download YouTube Videos Playlists

This is a rear feature in YouTube downloaders. I haven’t seen much of this feature in most software to download YouTube online. This feature helps to create your own offline playlists rather than following it online whenever you want to follow the channel.

To get started with this feature you only need to gather all the tracks in one archive and hit the download button.

Download YouTube Videos using Airy Tool

If you are new to using the Airy tool to download YouTube videos the procedures below will be a guide for you. It’s mainly basic and it doesn’t require any technical guide.

  1. Download and install Airy tool for Mac (for a MacOS) and Windows (for Windows computer) and log into your YouTube (Gmail) accountAiry YouTube videos Downloader
  2. Go to YouTube and copy the video URL you want to download. You can also copy the video channel or tracks you want to download.YouTube video output
  3. Paste the video URL copied. Initiate the download and select your video output. To download YouTube videos as as MP3 click on MP3 from the drop menut.
  4. Done. The video will start downloading and you are good. Airy YouTube video downloader

If you want to download your videos as MP3 make sure you selected the video as MP3 and click on the download button.

Download Airy YouTube Video Downloader Tool

Airy has a free tool and premium version to enjoy these features. With the free tool you will only enjoy the basic feature which is to download YouTube videos as MP4 and convert to MP3.

However, to download a whole YouTube videos channel, playlist, and download videos subtitle, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

There is no committement to use Airy tool. You can commit yourself to be using the free version and only enjoy the limited feature. But to enjoy the features stated above you have to upgrade to a premium acces.

However, the Airy price is divided into 3 different types and it’s a yearly pay.  The price of the product per year without restriction and access to customer support 247 are:

  • Personal License $19.95
  • Family Pack (for 3 Macs) $39.95
  • Team License $29.95

Our Verdicts

If there is only one single tool you need to download to help you with downloading tons of videos from YouTube, convert to MP4, download YouTube videos as an audios or MP3, we recommend the Airy video YouTube downloader.

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