Schedule Facebook Status: Step by Step Guide

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social media network with billion of daily active users with a lot of features such as a feature to schedule Facebook status.

Facebook recently launched another feature to compliment the popular Facebook face recognition that got the internet users raved about the new feature. However, Facebook didn’t stop there, they have also gone ahead to roll a new update to schedule status for 24 hours to some selected friends, family or share the status publicly.

The new schedule status feature on Facebook app and desktop, allows users to schedule post that will last for just 24 hours after which the status will be deleted from the Facebook database just like WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp and other instant apps like Instagram and SnapChat have the feature to share a story which only lasts for some couple of hours, and now on Facebook alongside Facebook story feature, Facebook schedule feature makes it possible to make a status only last for 24 hours. However, following the procedure below you will be able to schedule status on Facebook.

Schedule Facebook Status

How to Schedule Facebook Status on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

1. Log into your Facebook account on any browser

2. Click on Facebook “What’s on your mind column

3. Type your status and click on the “share button

4. A new window will pop up before the post is shard and select “schedule post for 24 hours

5. Select who to share your status with on Facebook and click on the share button to the right button on your account.

A lot has changed on Facebook recently and a lot of features has been added to the platform. The WhatsApp parent company launched a new feature on WhatsApp to pay and receive payment on WhatsApp using WhatsApp account phone number associated with your bank account.

What do you think about this Facebook scheduling feature?

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