How to Enable Show Mode in Telegram

The new Telegram slow mode feature to help Telegram group admin silent messages, hold group members reply to the group messages at a regular time interval.

Telegram rolled out the feature to enable curb group spammers and restrict them from posting too often which will or might not give other users privileges to reply to the group messages or even the admin.

But when you enable Telegram slow mode feature it enables all member of the group to send a single message until the time you set the slow mode feature is expired. This is how to give all group member to leave a message within the time.

All ability to leave another message will be held till after the time expires. Only the group admin can set this slow mode feature in Telegram group.

Telegram slow mode

Feature of Telegram Slow Mode

The following are the features of the new Telegram slow mode and message silent features to all Telegram group admin.

  1. Help to fight spam
  2. Hold the send button to send any message without sound in case the recipient is sleeping
  3. It helps to control how often group members can post in the group thereby giving others the grace to post as well
  4. You can also set a spam fighter in your group as an admin.
  5. Easy access to the group gallery when you swipe up
  6. You will now be able to toggle looped playback for animated sticker via the sticker settings
  7. You will be able to preview videos thumbnail
  8. Timestamps now available
  9. Send emojis to your group members

What is Telegram 5.1

If you are running Telegram earlier version you’d not be able to enable Telegram slow mode. It’s a new feature that’s not currently available in the WhatsApp messenger.

However, to be to enjoy the Telegram message silent feature, you should consider an upgrade to the Telegram 5.1 version.

Upgrade to Telegram 5.1

There are different ways to upgrade mobile apps. You can download the latest version from your OS app store. And you can also download the app new release from the app store such as Aptoide, Appvalley, etc.

However, here, I will explain in details how to upgrade your Telegram app to the latest Telegram 5.1 to be able to enable the Slow mode in Telegram app to combat Telegram group spammers.

Upgrade to Telegram Android to Telegram 5.1 from Google PlayStore

This is particularly to all Android and Windows users. If you are using Blackberry Android smartphones such as BB 10, Blackberry KEY2 and Blackberry KEY2 L2 you can upgrade to the latest Telegram 5.1 following this guide.

  1. Open the Google play store on your phone
  2. Tap on the menu option
  3. Click on “Apps & Games
  4. Find the “Telegram” app from the list of apps that are due for an update
  5. Click on the “update‘ icon
  6. Wait until the Telegram is updated to Telegram 5.1 and the app slow mode feature is added including the feature mentioned

Upgrade Telegram iOS to Telegram 5.1

For iOS users, you can either download the Telegram 5.1 from a 3rd-party app such as Appvalley, TutuApp, etc or download Telegram 5.1 from the iOS Apple app store.

  1. Open the Apple app store
  2. Type “Telegram” in the search box
  3. Tap on “Get it” for free
  4. Enter your lock password or use the touch lock
  5. Wait for the Telegram update to download.
  6. The Telegram 5.10 will be downloaded and installed on your iOS device

Update Telegram 5.1 from other Apps stores

You can upgrade your Telegram app from other apps stores such as Aptoide, APK sites, from APK apps, etc. However, here we’d walk you through how to download Telegram 5.1 from Aptoide apps download.

  1. Launch the Telegram app
  2. Click on the apps update icon to the bottom right
  3. Scroll down to Telegram and click on the rotation app to download Telegram 5.1
  4. Wait for the new Telegram to download
  5. Once the download is completed the app will be installed automatically.

For users that want to download Telegram 5.10 APK, you will need to enable install from unknown sources in your Android phone to boycott the APK app might contain unsafe contents.

Download Telegram 5.10 APK

Telegram new release version 5.10 APK is now available in all APK sites and APK downloaders. Here is how to download it.

  1. Download Telegram 5.10 APK
  2. Enable install from unknown sources
  3. Go to your download folder
  4. Click on Telegram5.10.APK
  5. Tap on the install button
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation.

There is no need to remove the old Telegram app to install the new one. All you need to do is to download the new Telegram app and install it to bring on the new features.

Enable Telegram Slow Mode

The new Telegram Slow mode helps to fight again group spammers and gives all group member privilege to respond to group messages accordingly.

  1. Update to the latest Telegram 5.10
  2. Tap on the group name (for admin only) and tap on the name again
  3. Click on the “pencil” icon for the editing group nameTelegram Slow Mode
  4. Tap on the permission keyPermission key
  5. Scroll down to the slow modeEnable Slow mode in Telegram
  6. Drag the timing from off to when each member should wait before posting.Telegram slow mode
  7. Click on the check icon to enable it.
  8. To add exception tap on Add Exception”
  9. Select the group member name
  10. Approve this by clicking on the check option to the upper right

When you add an exception to the group member when you enable Telegram slow mode the user will not be affected by the restriction.

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