How to Hack Facebook Account in 2018

A friend’s friend asked on Facebook how to hack Facebook account successfully with exact Facebook password and username without requesting it verbally. The friend told her that the only way to hack a Facebook account is using a phishing site that stores Facebook passwords and usernames when people login to Facebook through the website from a link posted to either Facebook timeline, Facebook fan page or Facebook group.

They’re just a few steps to hack Facebook account using phishing site but most Facebook users have wisened u and they can now identify a fake link to hack Facebook account. Moreso, the Facebook algorithm has started blocking fake site link that could lead to hacking a Facebook account and get the account password for free.

Another difficulty you may encounter hacking a Facebook account is when the original account owner changed the account password short after you’ve successfully hacked it. With this, you will be logged out and you will no longer be able to gain access to it again.

So, if you are ready to take the risk of hack a Facebook password free alongside Facebook username follow the procedure below. Meanwhile, this will be the shortest post ever on this blog since the procedure is direct and precise.

Meanwhile, as a hacker, if you don’t want to fall a victim of your Facebook account being hacked read this guideline on how to prevent your Facebook account from hackers in 2018.

How to Hack Facebook account in 2018

How to Hack Facebook Account in 2018

1. Create a phishing site account

2. Copy the phishing site link from your account profile

3. Paste the link to your Facebook timeline or Facebook groups or Facebook fan pages with a compelling headline

5. All Facebook usernames and passwords that logged to Facebook via the link will be saved in your phishing account for download.

They’re many Facebook phishing sites to hack Facebook account usernames and passwords for free and without any technical skills. Once you have chosen the best Facebook hacking site to use following the guidelines provided above and you will be able to hack any Facebook account without a trace.

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