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How to Login to Windows 10 Without Password

When you set a password for your Windows 10 OS you need to enter the password each and every time you shut down your computer to unlock it. This is the ideal way to unlock your Windows 10 with a password. However, if you forgot your Windows 10 password, you can bypass the password and login to your Windows 10 which is the same as you being able to login to your Windows 10 OS without a password. So, here in this computer tip today, I will share with you how to login to Windows 10 without password and without breaking your computer motherboard.

The more reason why you lock your computer with a password such as a PIN, photo-passwords, and real password is to avoid all forms of an intruder. As such, to give yourself a rest of mind you need to create a visitor’s account that can be logged into without a password. Nonetheless, using a password to lock your Windows 10 computer is not a crime but it becomes one when you forgot your password and needed to bypass it.

So, how do you bypass your own password when you forgot it so that you can change the password to a new one? Take a glass of water and pull your glasses down a bit to read the DIY “how to login to windows 10 without password”.

How to Login to Windows 10 Without Password

The idea behind how to bypass Windows 10 password lies in the ability to access your computer control panel. And technically, you do not need a password to access your computer control panel. So, once we are able to have a way to your Windows 10 computer control panel we can remove the password to bypass the old password and create a new password if we want to.

1. Press “Win + R” to launch Windows 10 “Run” box and enter “netplwiz” and press “Enter”

How to Login to Windows 10 Without Password

2. From the list of usernames on your Windows 10 account dialogue select the user to bypass its password and untick “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” and click on apply button and the OK.

3. To bypass the password and sign in automatically type the correct password and username of the administrator account selected and click ON.

With this, you will be able to bypass your Windows 10 password when you select the user and you will be Logged into your Windows computer 10 Without a Password. This sounds cool right but when you mistakenly press Ctrl + Alt + Delete when the user is logged in you will be log out automatically and you will be required to enter the user password to access it otherwise you have to follow the same step again.

This is the easiest way on how to login to Windows 10 without password I can vouch for and it has not failed me for once.

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