How to Run Android Apps on macOS

Android Operating system has grown to become the most widely used mobile operating system and the most sought out platform for smartphone manufacturers. The same way you can run android apps on Windows-based laptops, you can also run Android Apps on Mac Operating System otherwise known as MacOS with the use of third-party apps.

What that means is you can easily run Android Apps and games like Temple Run, Dream League Soccer, Asphalt, Facebook Messenger directly on your macOS PC. You can even enjoy more on macOS because of its battery efficiency.

The same way you multitask on your Android smartphone, you can still do the same on macOS with use of Android Emulators.

We can tell you for real that their several ways you can effectively run Android Apps on macOS. This article will guide you through the various ways you can use to run Android Apps on Mac PC.

Run Android Apps on Mac PC

How to Run Android Apps On macOS PCs.

To mention a few, here a re some of the best apps to run Android apps on macOS computers.

1. Bluestack
2. Andy for MacOS
3. Nox App Player for macOS
4. Virtual Box
5. GenyMotion

Above are the top 5 ways you can effectively run Android Apps on macOS Laptops. We shall look into them in detail so that you can pick from the best that suits you.

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks need no introduction when it comes to operating system emulation. It is the most sought out for especially android smartphone users. Bluestacks is also made available to macOS users downloaded directly from the App Store or on Bluestack’s official website.

How to run Bluestacks on Mac PC

macOS PCs are entirely different environment compared to the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

To run Bluestacks on Chromebook formerly Mac, you’ll have to install Arc Welder (Application Runtime for Chrome), once installed, follow the steps below

Step 1: Click the Add App Icon on Chrome

Step 2: Click on Add App once the dialogue button appears.

Step 3: Wait for it to fully install, then you can proceed with app. Note: once you have it installed, you can run Android Apps.

To use Bluestack, Download the Bluestacks offline installer and follow the onscreen instructions.

You may face system malfunctioning of your Mac PC called Kernel Panic which users occur when a different environment is installed on macOS. The message looks like the image below

There should be no panic from your end because you are not alone, simply do this;

Step 1: Press and hold the power button on your PC until it automatically shuts down.

Step 2: Press the Power button again for it to turn on.

To get Bluestacks running properly on your system without any issue, close all apps currently open.

Bluestacks Pros and Cons

Here are BlueStacks pros and cons


Easy to setup
Short installation process
Optimized to run apps smoothly.


May cause system error on your Mac

Slow for running games.

2. Andy for MacOS

Andy offers smooth workflow on your Mac PC, offers a flexible means of running android apps with full android experience. AndyOS comes with built-in Gmail app, Google Play App Store. It also comes with Mapping and Location manipulation.

AndyOS installation is done over the internet with an estimated size of over 500MB. Put this at the back of your mind that it would only work fine if you have a faster internet connection.

Pros and cons

Here are some of the pros and cons

The Pros

Optimized to run apps smoothly.

Standard actual Android experience on your PC

Easy installation

The cons

Its compatibility starts from Android Kitkat.

Inability to run two apps smoothly.

3. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is specifically built for gaming, as it is capable of running Android games with rich graphics on Windows and Mac PCs.

Nox App Player offers features like Screen Capture, Button mapping on Onscreen basis etc. Nox Player was specifically made for Android games having rich graphics.

Nox App Player may not be in the same class as Bluestacks emulator, but it offers smooth performance for gamers. You can download apps directly from the Google Play App store once you connect your Google account with Google Play App on the Nox Application dashboard.

The installation process is a little bit easier compared to AndyOS Player and Bluestacks.

Pros and Cons of Nox App Player

Here are some of the pros and cons of Nox App Player


Easy to setup

Optimized for Android games with high graphics

Includes Mapping and Android Keyboard


Runs on Android Version 4 (Kitkat)

Comes with inbuilt third-party apps, however, you can still make use of some inbuilt apps like Android File Explorer, Google Gmail App.

4. Virtual Box

Android is a Linux Long term support system modified by Android original owners (Android Inc.) Android’s core is pure Linux.

So you can install Virtual Box to operate for you. What you need to do is download and install Android on top of Virtual Box to make it work properly.

Virtual Box is a more effective way of running Android App on Mac because it offers more control to apps you install.

The good thing with using virtual box is you can even deploy Android 8.0 or any version to work on it.

How to download and install Virtual Box on Mac

Step 1: First download virtual box itself either from its original site or from a trusted server.

Step 2: Download Android x86 project for Mac. Once you are done, you begin the installation of Android apps, run them etc.

Pros of Virtual Box

More control over Android virtual environment

You can download and run Android version

Gives you Android experience

The cons

Complex installation and implementation

Some bugs

Limited customization options

Virtual box is another option for you to run Android Apps on Mac, offering the best Android Experience although it downloads and implementation looks tedious and time-wasting.

5. GenyMotion

GenyMotion is another means to run Android apps on Mac. It offers several options like running android like creating a virtual android device.
GenyMotion is more suitable for professionals and developers.

GenyMotion offers a testing environment for developers without the need having an actual android device.

Pros and cons of GenyMotion

If you are using GenyMotion to run Android apps on your macOS here are some of the cons and pros.


Features suitable for Android developers

Offers multiple android configurations


Need more configuration for better performance.

The best ways to run Android apps using third-party apps includes Bluestacks, AndyOS, GenyMotion, Virtual Box and Nox App Player. If well configured, you can run android apps smoothly.

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