How to Change Internet Explorer Homepage

Internet Explorer Homepage is the website or screen display on your Internet Explorer browser when you are connected to the internet before you enter the keyword you want to search or the website URL you want to visit. The Internet explore homepage is default to open Lenovo websites and Microsoft homepage with this URLs and

However, the Internet Explorer default homepage can be changed to whatever you like. It can be changed to,,, and another website of your choice.

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This new Internet Explorer feature is default to most Windows OS, starting from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and now on Windows 10 and Windows 10.1. However, if you are running a lower version of Internet Explorer like Explorer 10 you may encounter difficulties running a smooth browser on your computer, However, it’s of great advice to install the latest iteration of Internet Explorer which Explorer 11.

How to Change Internet Explorer Homepage

1. Open Internet Explorer 11 > Internet options > General > delete Internet default homepage

Internet Explorer Homepage

2. Type your new Internet Explorer 11 homepage and click “Apply” button

Internet Explorer Homepage

3. Click the “OK” button to effect the change made.

Now, you have successfully changed your Internet Explorer Homepage from the default homepage to a new homepage. Henceforth whenever you open Internet Explorer to search for information on the internet it will open the new website you chose from above rather than Microsoft and Lenovo Homepage.

Were you able to change your Internet Explorer Homepage from Microsoft Homepage or Lenovo Homepage to a new homepage that let you explore the browser so easily?

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