How to Recover Hi5 Login

Hi5 is a social network where you meet with people from a different region and race just like the popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat to have either a friendship, romantic and business relationships with them without knowing them from Adam. For the time past, I have forgotten my Hi5 Login and I begin to use Hi5 login with Facebook which linked the two account together.

And now, I want to stop using Hi5 login with Facebook and use a different login password for the two accounts. This means that I will use a different password and username for Facebook as well as for Hi5.

Therefore, here you will learn how to recover Hi5 account and restore Hi5 account if it’s on suspension. Or under a temporary deactivation.

If you have an old Hi5 account you don’t have to create another account. All you need to do is follow this guide to recover your old Hi5 account and recreate your Hi5 profile.

Hi5 Account Password

And recently stumbled on my old Hi5 info and the password login was wrong when I made an attempt to login the old account. I tried to browse all my password archive, yet, I couldn’t recover the old account password.

Since I’m fond of using a similar password for all my online account I wondered where the Hi login information was wrong. I tried it on Hi5 login app, it was the same old story. The only available option is to try and go to password forgot section.

And since the old Hi5 account in my possession has some photos that I can’t let go because of the beautiful memory, then, I know I have to recover the password to be able to browser Hi5 for my photos.

Hi5 is not a dating site. The platform is where you meet old friends, new friends, and different kind of people around the world.

And now, back to how to recover old Hi5 login password since you ain’t interested in creating a new Hi5 account.

Hi5 Login

However, my Hi5 Login was wrong and I had to use the “forget password” to retrieve my login since the email address is still very known.

Hi5 is a social media where you meet people, share pictures, share status, and do similar things as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etceteras. However, Hi5 is in the top most popular social network which takes after MySpace.

So, if you are not using Hi5, it’s more like to say you don’t have friends on the other continent, mainly in San Francisco, California. There are various ways to log in to Hi5 account if you don’t want to create a new account.

Login Hi5

A good means of login to Hi5 is via the Facebook login access, using a Google account, and email account. However, Hi5 uses Facebook login when you signup Hi5 using your Facebook. This implies that you cannot change Hi5 login except you want to change your Facebook login.

This is also similar to Google account login. However, with an account created using an email, it’s easy to change Hi5 password and create a new password to access your account.

Hi5 Login

Change Hi5 Login on the Web

The process to change Hi5 password on the web using a web browser is discussed below. You can use the default Hi5 browser if you have the browser installed.

  • Go to
  • Click on  forgot your password
  • Enter your email address and click on the submit button
  • Login to your email account
  • Click on the reset password link or copy and paste it in the browser and click on go
  • Create a new login password
  • Save change

You have successfully changed your Hi5 login. Henceforth, to log in to your Hi5 account always use the new password. Note that at the point where you want to change the login password you cannot use your old password. You must create a new password different from the old password.

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  1. Facebook blocked the login for my account to hi5 facebook login now I am stuck can’t get into my hi5 account. Only thing I did was use facebook login on hi5 to loginto hi5, never posted anything from from hi5 to facebook ever. I been logging in that way for 4 and a 1/2 years util yesterday it stopped working.


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